Air Conditioning

Are you looking for an air conditioner? Or are you looking for a dehumidifier or humidifier? Our range of air conditioning products is sure to satisfy your needs. At home and work, the condition & quality of the air can affect our health & mood. Because of this, it's important to know what it is you want to do to the air. Decide this before you make your purchase. Below is an introduction to different air conditioning products.

Air conditioners

The products are used to control the temperature of the air in the room. They work by removing heat and moisture from the air. This cools the room down to a more suitable temperature. They come in a range of shapes and styles. They are available for both residential and commercial. With today's technology, they are full of features. This includes low energy usage and timers. Some models have combined other products such as fans and dehumidifiers. A good example of this is the Haverland 3 in 1 IGLU 7 and IGLU 9.


These are used to reduce and maintain the level of humidity in the air. By extracting water from the air they are employed to eliminate odours and prevent the growth of mildew. Due to this, they are great products for your health and comfort levels. These are also available for residential and commercial use. An example is the Prem-I-Air 50L Commercial Dehumidifier.


Humidifiers do the exact opposite of their predecessors. They increase the humidity in a room or a building. Humidifiers work well in places that are dry. This includes artificially heated spaces. They are convenient in winter time when cold air has been heated inside. Low humidity can cause health issues with the ideal relative humidity level for health and comfort being between 30-50%. It can be the cause of snoring and respiratory diseases and can dry out mucous membranes. Low humidity is also known to cause issues in furniture & household objects.

Are you looking for products that clean the air? Or protects your home from diseases and bacteria? If so, check out our air purifiers.