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Portable air conditioners are the best way to keep cool during the summer months and are perfect to keep you comfortable throughout the year. They give you the ability to have cooling capabilities wherever you go. They provide you with cool, fresh air all year round. As our summers get longer and hotter, they have become a fixture of many homes and are essential to many businesses across the country. They used to be bulky and hard to move around but as designs and technologies have improved, so have the portability of air cons. The products of an excellent level of air conditioning quality no matter where they are deployed and can be moved with ease.

Offering a range of features including 24 hour timers, fan speed settings and sleep functions. Our versatile portable units allow you to move them easily from room to room. You can control the temperature to your desired setting. Our portable AC units are available in a range of styles and will suit all property sizes and styles. Available as indoor units or as outdoor units.

These are quite similar to fridges in the way that they work. They remove heat and moisture from the air. They then distribute the air throughout the room or building. This makes the air cooler by replacing the hot air with the cool air.

Are you searching for a portable or a wall mounted air con unit? We're sure to have one to suit your needs. Make sure you check out our multi-functionality 3-in-1 models. These work as an air con, a dehumidifier and a fan.

Which home air conditioner is best?

Our best portable air con unit has to be the Haverland IGLU-9. It is a 3-in-1 AC unit which works as a a dehumidifier as well as a fan. Best of all, its energy consumption is low. This means it doesn't cost the earth to run.

Which model is the quietest?

Running at only 65dB the Haverland IGLU-7 is certainly our quietest model. By comparison this is just louder than a running fridge, but just quieter than a normal conversation and hard to notice when switched on. There is constant research and development into household appliances. This means they are getting quieter and quieter all the time.

Which home air conditioner for room size?

Which model is right for you will depend on the size of your room. Take a look at the table below. It will show you which mobile air conditioners suit which size rooms.

ModelRoom size (m²)
Haverland IGLU 7Up to 16m²
Haverland IGLU 9Up to 18m²

What temperature should AC units be used at?

According to the Department of Energy, 78° Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature in order to balance energy savings and comfort in a home environment.

Frequently asked questions

As with all in house appliances, if not used correctly, they can be expensive as energy is wasted. Ensure that you purchase a product that is suitable for the area you are trying to cool. Purchase one that is slightly more powerful than you need. This way, you can run it at a lower setting using less energy. The insulation in your home will also affect how quickly the air in your room dissipates. If you have good home insulation, then the air will maintain its temperature for a longer period of time.

Modern day air com units can often have multiple functions such as cooling, heating and a fan function. An example of this would be the Haverland IGLU 3 in 1 AC Unit.

An air conditioner is designed to create and deliver cool air around areas of your building. Using an conditioning system can improve the air quality and therefore provide a more comfortable environment to work or live in. As well as providing relief from hot weather, air conditioners can also be used to maintain temperature sensitive equipment such as computer server rooms.

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29 July 2021 16:56

Haverland IGLU 9 - 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioning Unit, 9000 BTU

Good product, works well, cooled room down

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Fast delivery, no problems, can not fault Heater Shop

This is excellent to hear. Thank you for the great review.
Hopefully we get some more nice warm weather in the UK.