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Best Storage Heaters of 2017

Many people want to know what the best storage heaters of 2017 were, so we have prepared a list of the best storage heaters in the UK*;

1 - Dimplex Quantum QM150 1.5kW

2 - Dimplex Quantum QM100 1kW

3 - Dimplex Quantum QM125 1.25kW

4 - Dimplex Quantum QM070 0.7kW

5 - Dimplex Quantum QM050 0.5kW

6 - Dimplex XLE150 Slimline 1.5kW

There is no surprise that Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters fills the list as they are very strong in the market for storage heaters and heating in general. We know that this range is effective, efficient and very well received amongst many homeowners who have purchased the range, you only have to look online for the rave reviews these products receive, and we can see them continuing to remain strong throughout 2018. However, Creda are also getting stronger, along with the Dimplex XLE range. Can they break up the best night storage heaters of 2017 to rank in the best storage heaters of 2018? Here is a sample of the Dimplex XLE storage heater range and the Creda TSRE storage heater range so you can see the competition that Dimplex is up against;

Creda TSRE150 1500W

Dimplex XLE100 1500W

Creda TSRE100 1000W

Dimplex XLE050 1000W

Keep your eyes peeled for the best storage heaters of 2018 list, we will publish this shortly after the new year and see what, if anything has changed.

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*List is based on Heater Shop product sales from 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017