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Night Storage Heaters

Are you looking to buy a night storage heater?

If so, we offer many storage heaters for sale, here are the ranges that we stock:

What is a night storage heater?

A night storage heater is a storage heater that takes advantage of cheap electric tariffs by storing up heat overnight to release into the home during the day. With economy electric tariffs that offer cheaper electric overnight, night storage heaters make the most of this by either storing up heat for 7 or 10 hours depending on the tariff that is being used.

The heat is stored up in heat retaining bricks which stores the heat until it is needed, this is usually throughout the next day. Newer models allow you to control the how much heat you are releasing throughout the day.

What’s the difference between a night storage heater and a storage heater?

Absolutely nothing. They are both exactly the same. As mentioned before, these are traditionally used during the evening so it is a name that stuck, similar to the way that many people call vacuum cleaners, a hoover.

Evolution of storage heaters

1940’s – 1950’s – Storage heating is born as electric was seen as modern & efficient as well electric companies wanting to increase consumer usage during the evening so that generated electricity did not go to waste.

1960’s – 1961 saw the first Dimplex storage heater on the market.

1970’s – Storage heater market crashes and almost disappears completely due to the oil crisis in the mid 1970’s.

1980’s – Market revived again due to the advent of economy electric tariffs.

1990’s – Market falters again when electric companies are privatised.

2000’s – Replacement market is steady, but building companies are opting not to put them in new homes as they are leaning more towards electric radiators which have far more control over heating efficiency.

2010’s – Lot20 comes into effect. Market sees release of smart storage heaters which are more intelligent and reliable, therefore .