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Maria Elena Gerosa
15 March 2020 09:25

Atlantic F127 - AH500105 - Convector Heater, 2000W

Perfect service

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Quick and reliable

Thank you for the really great 5 star review.


Trusted Customer
9 March 2020 12:22

Atlantic Galapagos Electric Radiator - AH500612, 1250W, White

Quality product. Manuals downloadable in English from UK website.

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competitive pricing. on time delivery. goods very well packed for transit.

Thank you for the really great review of our service and pricing.


Chris, Warrington
2 March 2020 07:33

Atlantic F127 - AH500107 - Convector Heater, 1250W

Great heater ..I fitted in a basement office ..timer and thermostat work great ...just the job !

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When I ordered my 1st heater I didn't realize that I could have had it sooner..when I called the company it got changed to the following day no problem ...heater was well packed ...great product .great price .great service

Thank you very much for leaving such postive feedback, we appreciate your comments greatly.


Pam Turner, Guildford
23 February 2020 06:43

Atlantic Agilia - AH503210 - Electric Radiator, 1000W

Slimline, attractive and good heat

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Atlantic Agilia - AH503215 - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Attractive looking radiator , slimline and plenty of all over heat

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Fair price and excellent delivery timeframe.


Graham Staddon
26 January 2020 09:06

Atlantic F127 - AH500103 - Convector Heater, 1000W

Good item.

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Excellent, quick service.


Trusted Customer
21 October 2019 10:36

Atlantic Agilia - AH503220 - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Nice radiators that work well. Atlantic dropped a star fro exporting their products to the UK without a UK manual. I've only had them 2 weeks, so I have no idea if they will prove durable. These units are much better looking that a lot of radiators at comparable prices. They are also a lot cheaper than some other comparable brands.

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The Heater Shop has a great range of products at very competitive prices. Once I'd identified the radiators I wanted I looked around and their's was the best price. They also offered free delivery with estimated delivery in 5 working days. Their order confirmation email contained the sentence "We'll keep you updated every step of the way via email."

Unfortunately, that was the last email I had from them. The estimated delivery date was October 3rd, but they did not actually deliver until the 7th. That was not a problem in itself, but it was vital to know when they would arrive, both to be in when they were delivered and to book an electrician to fit them. Apparently, "We'll keep you updated every step of the way via email," means "If you want to know anything, ring us."

I did, and they were very helpful. The person I spoke to was polite and interested. She said she would check on my delivery and call me back. She did, withing minutes. I was then given a delivery date of Oct. 7th. There were still no updates by email. I was waiting in on the 7th, having booked the electrician for the 9th, and really needed to know roughly what time they would come. Perhaps we have all got used to endless texts and emails along the lines of "you delivery is on the van" "the driver is on you street" "he's walking up your path," and so on. There was none of that, so I rand Heater Shop again. Same excellent customer service - a polite respondent who said he would call me back. He did, within minutes. But there was no tracking on the delivery, so I was no better off. The radiators were delivered on the 7th.

I'm happy to accept that my experience was not typical. On my second call I was told that the heaters I ordered were not in stock and that they had arranged delivery direct from the manufacturers. That's probably why I didn't receive any updates. But for me, that's where Heater Shop under-performed. They should have recognized that the unusual circumstances meant I would not be given their normal email updates on delivery, as they were not delivering. If they could find out the delivery date, they could have told me. In fact, and email explaining it would take longer than normal because they were not in stock would have been very helpful. It's likely email updates are automated, and this illustrates what happens when companies rely on automation and don't recognize when it isn't going to work.

One other minor gripe. The electrician remarked that he could not see a manual in the box, but I spotted it, lurking at the bottom. I fished it out, but his face was a picture when he realized it was in French. There was no English translation. I found it online, but If Heater Shop is going to sell French radiators with no English instructions, they should recognize that and send customers a link to the online manual.

Heater Shop provides a good service, with good products (I hope - time will tell) at competitive prices. They need to work on keeping customers informed, but that is a fault of organisation, not attitude. That is apparent when you speak to them, as they obviously want to help.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review us. I appreciate your comments and completely understand that our communication should have been better.
Some of our emails are automated (confirmation of purchase, dispatch confirmation and an invoice), but if and when the product isn't shipped on time our customer services team normally contact our customers immediately and we inform them of any potential delays. We also have our couriers such as DPD who send various messages to our customers so that they know when their delivery is being made. I am very sorry that this is not what you experienced.
With regard to the manual and data sheet, we have these as downloads on our website for customers. I understand that this perhaps wasn't made clear and should have been upon ordering and I apologise for any inconvience you experienced.

I do appreciate your concerns and will endeavour to rectify and improve our communication to ensure that we only provide excellent customer service to our future customers.