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Exclusive Black Friday savings on our best selling heaters including Rointe, Harmoni, Haverland and Electrorad at some seriously unbeatable prices.

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Rointe Kyros RAD3 white electric heaters also available in low profile

The new generation of KYROS products includes 4 new preset programming options which allow, with just the touch of a button, the quick selection of the program that best fits the particular needs of every user, depending on their lifestyles;Common lifestyle - The heating works in Eco Mode in the morning, from the moment you leave home to go to work.
Split shift - Preset designed for workers who come home at lunch time and return to work in the afternoon.
Home lifestyle - The heating system keeps a stable temperature throughout the day. Ideal for the elderly and people who spend the majority of their time at home.
Office - Ideal for businesses and offices where most activities are carried out in the morning.

Rointe Kyros towel rails available in white & chrome

Rointe Kyros uses 1.5mm thick steel for the frame and are elegantly designed with the aesthetic of the modern bathroom in mind. One of the widest models on the market, it provides powerful heating and plenty of storage for multiple towels.

The touch control panel is colour adjustable and displays an accurate thermostat reading of the room temperature. This can be manually adjusted or set to automatically regulate itself. The installation process is quick and easy, a plug in and go system with instructional manuals and all fixings provided for. The installation template ensures a simple solution and installed successfully, it is highly splash-proof and suitable for placement in bathrooms and wet rooms. The Rointe Kyros has an inbuilt consumption regulator which indicates usage clearly on the TFT display. The status can be easily checked through the Effective Power function, it displays the nominal power compared to the effective power during periods of operation. With ECO modes and temperature limiters, the efficiency of the Rointe Kyros is first class.

Rointe D series electric heater available in graphite & white

The Rointe D Series radiators are easily programmable 24 hours, 7 days a week. The new control mode available via the access menu has been designed to facilitate the ease of use and programming of the D Series range. These menus have been designed using identifiable icons for easy recognition, improving accessibility and enabling access to all functions.

Rointe D Series radiators make use of "Fuzzy Logic Energy Control", a low consumption energy saving technology which allows the optimisation of the radiator’s power consumption. Originally developed by the R&D department of Rointe and applied to the D Series Radiators, the use of Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology was tested by independent laboratories and proven to save up to 62% in comparison to heating devices with no thermostat.

The “True Real Power” electricity reading allows you to see individual products or your full installation’s real energy consumption at any time.

Rointe D series electric towel rails available in white, chrome and graphite

A TFT screen display can be coloured to suit your room, providing easy access to the heater’s functions, modes and brightness. The design of the Rointe D Series is easy to setup and start. We supply installation templates to ensure correct positioning of the model and a safe assembly. The wall-mounted towel rail is moisture-proof and splash-proof with a high IP rating. Control the heater from your hand with the WIFI function – the unit can connect to your in-house router, utilise the broadband and link to the free app on your smart phone or tablet. Home automation E-life technology allows managing the heater via the Internet simple and easy and with individual control for each radiator. The app will provide detailed control from Rointe connect using statistic parameters such as consumption, cost, control.

Rointe Belize conservatory and standard height electric heaters

The Rointe Belize WiFi electric radiator is an affordable, high-quality electric heater, controlled by an app with advanced functionality called Rointe Connect Lite. It includes a built-in WiFi module so you can easily control your temperature, costs and energy consumption on the go, any time and from anywhere. This oil-filled radiator includes 4 preset heating schedules for easy programming and a design that promotes natural air convection for even distribution of heat throughout the room. Manufactured from high-purity aluminium, the Belize basic WiFi radiator has a TFT screen with a touch control panel, energy-saving features like Open Windows and high heat transfer thermal fluid. This electric heater guarantees the best thermal comfort thanks to its quality materials, technology and WiFi features.

The Rointe Belize WiFi conservatory electric radiator has a reduced height for installation under windows or smaller walls with optimum design for maximum heat dissipation.

Rointe Palaos vertical heaters

The Rointe Palaos vertical electric radiator offers warmth and comfort with easy control. The vertical design is perfect for smaller or narrower spaces and walls, where traditional radiators are too tight a fit. This advanced vertical radiator boasts patented anti-frost, comfort and night modes alongside high purity aluminium and exclusive thermal fluid (oil-filled) for the perfect balance between efficiency, style and comfort without increasing costs or energy consumption. Offering a comfortable heat that, together with its 24/7 programming ability and high heat transfer thermal fluid (oil-filled), makes it perfect for installation in all kinds of commercial or residential properties. The compact control panel with mechanical keypad is easy to use and this wall-mounted radiator also includes energy-saving functions like 'Open Window', to help you save money on your heating bill. It also has Class II protection (double-insulated). They do not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground) when installed, as the Class II protection ensures sufficient insulation.

Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland RCTT

Haverland designer RCTT gel filled radiators enable total control of heating requirements in public, general domestic and commercial buildings by individual radiator control for each room or zone. The Haverland Designer TT has an innovative new function, a built-in energy monitor, which allows you to make significant savings just by reducing the temperature settings by one or two degrees, making it a hugely popular choice.

Haverland Ultrarad

The ULTRAD’s learning mode will learn the owner’s schedule and will automatically repeat patterns. This is assisted by the move detect function, cycling through three modes of varying output.

Comfort mode will be active when the owner is present. If no-one has been detected after 30 minutes, the eco mode will be triggered which lowers the output. If the room is unused during the day, the ULTRAD will trigger an anti-frost mode. This function is available in sensor mode or learning mode which improves efficiency over time. The ULTRAD takes just one week to learn a user’s optimal schedule.

The ULTRAD features a forced mode which involves the free smart phone app. The user can manually select which heat setting they desire between Comfort, Eco and Anti-frost. The unit will remain at this temperature until changed manually. WiFi features are available through the Haverland Smart Box which links to the home’s router. Each device can be paired with the unit, giving full control over all ULTRAD’s.

The free app lets the user see the status of each unit, their past and present energy usage levels, and their current heat mode. Changing them remotely is quick and easy, including scheduled changes for each hour throughout the week.


Harmoni Lugo and Lugo+ electric radiators

Available in 3 electric radiator styles. ranges, the Harmoni Lugo Touch, Harmoni Lugo Plus and Harmoni Lugo conservatory. The pre-installed modes all Lugo models include eco, comfort and anti-frost. It also supports four editable programs. As an oil-filled radiator, the Lugo can fluctuate between temperature settings quickly and its aluminium shell ensures its surface temperature is reduced.

The Lugo is incredibly quiet and its 110 watt per element ensures a comforting heating solution. The Lugo is designed to be stylish, minimalist and utilises recent technology to lower your carbon footprint and energy consumption. The Lugo drastically increases the comfort offered by your property whilst discreetly disappearing into the background. The Lugo Plus offers WiFi technology allowing greater flexibility and control.

Harmoni Duero and Duero + electric radiators

The range; the Duero and the Duero Plus both feature the most up-to-date electric radiator technology. The Duero has full control over its environment with an incredibly accurate electronic thermostat measuring room temperature to a quarter of a degree and the pre-installed modes which include eco, comfort and anti-frost as you would come to expect with Harmoni. The readings are easily visible and accessible through the front-facing LCD screen. As a clay filled radiator, the radiator can fluctuate between temperature settings quickly and its aluminium shell ensures its surface temperature is reduced. The Duero Plus offers integrated WiFi and simple pairing methods for easy control.

Harmoni Ebro towel rails

The Harmoni Ebro digital electric towel rail is available in 4 different sizes and either a white or chrome finish. The traditional ladder rail style holds modern technology with many of the latest energy saving features.

The Harmoni Ebro incorporates energy saving features; such as Open window detection which can sense rapid drops in the room temperature. The system pauses and resets once the environment has stabilised; it will then work to realign the temperature with the preferred setting. This drastically reduces energy wastage and enhances it's performance.

The efficiency of the Ebro is regulated through the energy consumption indicator and record of past usage. harmoni offers different sizes to suitably warm the correct sized area without energy wastage.


Electrorad Vanguard electric radiators

Vanguard electric radiators are lightweight, ultra modern looking radiators and a great addition to our electric heating range.

The Electrorad vanguard range is a continental style aluminium electric radiator providing very modern looks. The radiators are 100% efficient at turning energy input into heat output.The built in digital electronic thermostat and 24hr/7 day programming system is sited on the top of the radiator for easy programming access. The room air temperature is sensed below the radiator where the air is coldest. The thermostat accuracy is +/- 0.2°C. There are 9 factory pre-set programs to suit most lifestyles and a user programming option to use if the pre-set programs are not suitable. Each hour of the day can be set to comfort or economy allowing complete control of the individual room temperatures and energy usage.

Electrorad Digiline single and double panel electric radiators

Electrorad Digi-Line electric radiators maximise energy efficiency with the latest thermal fluid technology, a high-precision electronic thermostat, and the option of fully programmable heating control. Digi-Line radiators feature an oil-filled central cavity which uses 100% efficient electric elements to heat the radiator surface rapidly and uniformly, ensuring even heat distribution throughout your home without hot or cold spots. Central convection fins create the perfect balance of radiated and convected heat, warming you directly as well as warming the air. The precision thermostat is accurate to within a tenth of a degree, switching the radiator on or off automatically to maintain a comfortable temperature. With good insulation, this means the radiators only use power for a fraction of the time.

With improved Zigbee 3.0 wireless meshing technology, this heater will have strong reliable signal throughout the building.