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Bling your Bathroom

July 18, 2016 Katie

Blinging your bathroom doesn't necessarily mean covering in it rhinestones Kardashian style, but simply adding a bit of sophistication and bravura to a sanctuary that is used more than you might realise.

Research has proved that women spend longer in the bathroom than men. With women spending an average of 2 hours 55 minutes per week in the bathroom and men spending a reserved 2 hours 25 minutes.

The fact that we are encouraged and expected to lock ourselves inside our bathrooms creating a sanctuary within your home is an increasing popular idea. No matter what size bathroom you have there is always 'room' (pardon the pun) for improvement.

Bling your bathroom

Top 5 ideas to improve the look of your bathroom without starting again

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Clearing out the old and giving your bathroom a good clean will improve your bathroom instantly.
  2. Introduce great lighting - There's good lighting and then there is great lighting. Letting properties require a sealed light, but for your own home you are able to do as you please, and taking full advantage of this is simply a must!

    Task lighting - This simply illuminates your work space; such as mirror lighting for shaving

    Accent lighting - This shows your bathroom off, such as LED ribbon lighting

    Ambient lighting - The most popular of all of the lighting solutions - adding dimmable spotlights or even a decorative light fitting.

  3. A good heated towel rail - Towel rails are included in every modern design of a bathroom. They not only provide heat to your bathroom, but allow you to keep your towels dry and toasty. At Heater Shop we have an amazing selection of stylish and beautiful towel rails ranging from the classic chrome ladder style to a silicon inertia panel towel rail. Features such as frost protection and 'Advanced WiFi technology' allowing complete control from your smartphone or tablet - means that you are able to achieve a high end look with fantastic energy efficiency (https://www.heatershop.co.uk/electric-towel-rails).
  4. A mirror demister - You may not have heard of a mirror demister, but you will be amazed at what a demister can do. A demister is so simple to attach to the back of your mirror, and your mirror will be completely mist free. The Demista heated mirror pads are easy to fit with an ultra-thin self-adhesive heating pad that's fits inconspicuously behind virtually any mirror keeping the mirror completely mist free. They work by simply wiring to your light switch and the heated Mirror Demister pad will turn on heating the mirror. The Mirror Demister pad is also to be connected to a fan or separate switch if preferred. As UK's leading brand; Demista are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit any size mirror.
  5. Soft furnishings update - New towels and introducing a small bench or a small bathroom cabinet to keep your paraphernalia tidy will instantly transform the overall look of your bathroom as well as being a handy storage space.

"It's incredible to think we spend so much time in our bathrooms over the course of our lives, but it just goes to show how important a domestic space it is.. it's a place to be on your own, to get away from it all."

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