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Dimplex Towel Rails

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For a large range of Dimplex Towel Rails, browse our selection of products below. Order today to benefit from great prices and free next day delivery.

Because of the stellar reputation that Dimplex has earned for itself over the course of the past seven decades and more, towel rails manufactured by Dimplex can be discovered in bathrooms all around the United Kingdom. They are dependable, efficient, effective, and trustworthy, and they are more energy efficient now than they have ever been. It should come as no surprise that Dimplex is still one of the most successful brands in the UK given the breadth and depth of its product offering.

Our Range

We have a large selection of Dimplex heated towel rails for you to pick from, and you can get them powered by a number of different types of fuel. Historically, Dimplex has been in the business of manufacturing electrical appliances. However, there have been advancements in technology that are simply too beneficial to pass up. This is only one of the reasons why they now offer dual fuel variants in addition to standard electric towel rails manufactured by Dimplex. You have your choice of a number of different sizes, shapes, colours, and heat outputs. You won't be let down by your decision because the oil-filled towel rail from Dimplex that you purchased has everything that one would anticipate finding in such a product.

Because there is such a large selection of products available, we have provided you with a little bit more information about each range and what you may anticipate receiving from each one.


The 3-in-1 Dimplex BPH provides not only superior heating, but also space for storing towels and the possibility to hang a mirror. The powerful bathroom panel heater comes with a huge digital controller that makes it simple to adjust the temperature in the room as well as select from several different modes and settings. It has a sturdy steel panel with a rail made of brushed aluminium, and it makes use of an aluminium plate element to provide efficient warmth. The construction has a certification of IP25, making it impervious to water spray and providing resistance to dampness. It has technology that can save energy, such as an open window recognition system and an EcoStart system. When it detects a rapid drop in temperature, open window detection will suspend the models output to conserve as much energy as possible. After that, it will reactivate to re-establish the desired room temperature, which will result in cost savings and an overall improvement in efficiency. When EcoStart is activated, it will keep the space at the predetermined temperature for the entirety of the allotted time for heating the space. To accomplish this, it will start heating the room prior to the beginning of the heating period. This will ensure that the space is at the proper temperature when the heating period begins. Take advantage of seven-day programmable timers that can be set according to your preferences regardless of how your workday is structured. The user mode, out all day mode, home all day mode, holiday mode, frost protect mode, and advance mode are some of the timer modes that come pre-installed. The advancement mode ensures that the towel heater maintains its heat output even when it transitions between programmed modes. This model makes use of both convected heat and radiant heat in order to swiftly dry towels and to heat the entire area in an even manner. On the inbuilt controller, which consists of six touch-sensitive CapSense buttons, all modes and temperature readings may be viewed at any time. However, it offers flexibility, allowing you to pre-program it for each day of the week based on the requirements of your property. It is common practise to use bathroom panel heaters independently from other types of heating solutions.

BR Combination

Choose the Dimplex BR if you want a design that is unique while still being quite effective. It makes the most of the storage space that is available and produces a lot of heat. Because it does not have any controls on the outside, it cannot be tampered with. Additionally, it does not require any pricey adapters because the connections for plumbing are already included. The construction is resistant to water damage, and you may select from two different finishes, chrome, or white powder coat. The installation process is brisk and uncomplicated, as the marking template and fittings are supplied. Even when the boiler is turned off, the dual fuel model is still able to give fast heat because to its electric element. Because the dual fuel model can produce a higher power than the normal electric models, it is appropriate for use in a room that is larger while also requiring less wall space. This model has been given the Lot 20 approval, which indicates that it satisfies the requirements for being ethical, economical, and affordable. It can be used for a variety of purposes, provides a heating solution that is both attractive and silent. It is possible for it to link to Dimplex's radio frequency controllers, which can be adjusted using FSCC/FSCW controls. Utilize Dimplex heaters in your home and monitor all of them with a single device to exert complete command over the temperature in your living space. The item is not merely an accessory; rather, it represents an alternative way of life. The dual fuel Dimplex BR can be wired to a thermostat and/or a timer to provide precise and cost-effective heating to an essential area of the home. Maintain your body temperature and the temperature of your towels to provide the essential additional level of comfort.

S Range

An elegant and conventional steel rail that is ideal for rooms with a restricted amount of wall space. The colours that are available to choose from include chrome plated and white stove enamel, both of which are hardy and resilient. The S range is a rail that is fixed on the wall and is very simple to install. All you need are three wall brackets. The rail can be easily cleaned with a gentle moist cloth, and it does not consume an excessive amount of electricity even when it is left on continuously. The model that uses a low amount of wattage has an acceptable surface temperature. It is never so hot that it can burn or scorch, but it is warm enough that little towels can dry in a short amount of time. An efficient and effective method of towel heating that complies with the Lot 20 standard is provided by the dry spiral element, which maintains a constant surface temperature. Because it just has the most essential features, the S range has incredibly low operational costs. In addition to providing more space for towel storage, it is a wonderful addition to alternative heating options. The S range is a product that is safe and stable, resistant to moisture so it can be used in damp spaces, and excellent at saving space.


The space as well as damp towels can be heated by the Dimplex TDTR, which comes in two different sizes and has an energy-efficient design. The classic ladder design and subtly rounded bars combine to create an appearance that has stood the test of time, and the chrome finish works well in both domestic and commercial bathrooms. The strong steel body contains a water glycol filament, which is a novel type of heating solution that is very efficient at both releasing and retaining heat. Installation is very easy; all you need to do is plug it in, and the process is significantly faster than that of versions that connect to the water mains. Heater Shop provides an installation template that may be used to identify fittings, in addition to all the necessary fasteners. Warmth is provided in all directions because of the heat being dispersed uniformly throughout each rail. Even though the rail can be connected to a thermostat and/or a timer, they are typically not part of the central heating system. Because of the thermostat, the rail could be turned off whenever the temperature gets too high. Because the product is both recyclable and conforms with the Lot 20 rule, it guarantees that the radiator is both cost-effective and affordable. They have a conversion rate of one hundred percent, turning the electrical input into the heat output. It can be turned on and off using either the isolating wall switch, which must be located outside of the bathroom, or a pull cord switch. Both options require that the switch be located outside of the bathroom. Connecting it to the thermostat of the room and/or a timer is another method of control that might be utilised. When the temperature outside rises above the set point on a room thermostat, the fan will turn off by itself. Short bursts of activity can be accommodated by a timer. This high-quality model gives a blast of heat when you and your wet fabrics most need it, plus it has the capability to be powered by solar systems, so it may be fuelled by the sun.


The Dimplex TTR is a durable heating solution that does not require any maintenance and is able to warm both towels and bathrooms. Large variants provide a large amount of space for the storing of towels and are available in a variety of finishes to accommodate your bathroom layout. It can be mounted on the wall with the help of four wall brackets and an instruction booklet that walks you through each step. Every model is waterproof to an IPX5 standard. The wattage of the rail has been meticulously chosen to guarantee that the surface temperature is kept at an appropriate level. A thermostat that has been pre-set is used to control the towel rail, and if the rail becomes too hot, the thermostat will turn it off. The permanent liquid filament is capable of rapidly heating up and maintaining its temperature in an effective manner. Because of its low wattage and low energy consumption, this series can be left on continuously. With a mains neon indication and the ability to be installed for either the left or the right-hand entry of cables. Because it does not have any external controls, it can be left on indefinitely, and the temperature limitation that is built into it will ensure that the climate remains optimal.

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If you’d like to find out more about our Dimplex electric towel rails, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 276686 who will be on hand to help with your query.

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Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer free next day delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free, next day delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01473 276686.