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Reina Radiators

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Here at Heater Shop, we have a comprehensive selection of Reina radiators from which you may make your choice. You are guaranteed to discover precisely what you are looking for, regardless of the size, shape, material, or style that you have in mind.

Since Reina radiators have been available on the market since 2005, the company is aware that each individual possesses their own unique sense of style. As a result, they have the goal of being able to accommodate a wide range of different styles. They are contemporary and fashionable, and many of the models have a daring appearance that can be highlighted to draw attention. When in operation, other smaller variants have a low noise level and are adept at disguising themselves as part of their surroundings.

Our Range

We are glad to be in a position to supply models with either a single or a double set of panels. The heating and cooling of single units occurs very quickly. The double-sided units have a larger output and are able to keep the temperature in the room stable for a greater amount of time while also being more effective at doing so. The performance of our goods is outstanding, and they have a high output despite their superb quality. One of the best things about Reina is that it comes in such a wide variety of patterns, making it suitable for use in any residential or commercial setting.

Aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel are the three primary types of materials that are utilised in the production of Reina radiators. Aluminium is a powerful conductor of heat, despite its low weight, thus it quickly heats up and distributes that heat to other objects. Because of these characteristics, aluminium models are frequently believed to be more efficient. The stainless steel used in the construction of the steel variants gives them exceptional durability. Mild steel is superior to other forms of metal when it comes to retaining heat for longer periods of time, which means it will keep your home warmer for longer.

Because there is such a huge selection available to pick from, we have highlighted some of our most popular products in the following paragraphs to provide you with additional information about them and to explain why they are so popular among our selection. These are the Reina radiators that we consider to be the best in terms of price/value for money, style, and functionality.

Best for Price/ Value for Money

The Reina Slimline is one of our favourite models in terms of style, and it also provides an excellent value for the money. It would look wonderful in any home or workplace. It has either a white or an anthracite finish and is made from high-quality mild steel material throughout its construction. It is compatible with only centralised heating systems and comes with a warranty that lasts for five years. You have the option of purchasing a towel rack that has a height adjustment feature built right in. It includes with everything that you will need to have a successful installation. Check out the radiator valves part of our website if you are seeking for a specific design; there you will find valves that fit.

Best for Style

Because Reina is so well-known for the chic appearance of its models, choosing just one was quite a challenge. But if there was one thing on which we were all in agreement, it was the Reina Reflect. It has a very outstanding designer appearance that is quite affordable for what you get in return. A radiator that also functions as a central mirror, perfect for situations in which wall space is restricted and you are searching for a solution that is both luxurious and effective. The radiator's performance is equally as stunning as its designer; made from high-quality steel, it provides an increased amount of heat production and claims a significant reduction in the amount of money it requires to operate. This will be the showstopper of any area, whether it be a home or an office, and it is available in both black and white.

Best for Functionality

There isn't a lot of functionality involved with central heating radiators until you start looking at the radiator vales, thermostats, and boilers. The fact that many of Reina's models are dual fuel radiators is, on the other hand, an additional advantage of purchasing one of their products. This indicates that they are able to function with electric heating, central heating, or both. The radiator Reina Neva is a prime illustration of this, as it successfully marries form and function in its design. Any space can be given an air of modernity by virtue of this piece's streamlined form. Produced using premium grade mild steel, it is offered in a striking anthracite, chrome, or white finish and may be purchased in either a single or double panel configuration.

Installing your Reina Radiators

To achieve optimal results, radiators used for central heating must be positioned appropriately. By utilising the appropriate fittings, even more substantial versions can be attached to sturdy solid walls. Plasterboard is only suited for use in the construction of more miniature models. They should not be installed behind furniture because this hinders heat from circulating around the space and should be avoided. The assembly of each of our radiators is a straightforward endeavour. Instructions, as well as fittings and brackets, are included with the purchase of these products.

Choosing the best size for your home

At Heater Shop, we have a room calculator that you can use to determine the amount of electricity that the model that you need for your house requires. The specifics that you need to know include the dimensions of the room, whether or not the building is insulated, and the orientation of the room with respect to the property.

Why use Heater Shop?

We put our customers first. Our focus is solely on customer satisfaction, and this is reflected in the products we source, the service we offer and the quality checks that we perform. This means that we are making sure we have products that suit all budgets and styles, that our products are delivered on time and in perfect condition as well as actively asking for reviews and feedback. Our reviews and feedback are your voice, and we love to hear it. It tells us what we are doing right, as well as what we are doing wrong, which allows us to constantly review and improve our methods.

We have a broad selection of products available for purchase. These can be found in a wide variety of configurations, including shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and colours. Every product comes with at least a one-year warranty, but the vast majority of them offer much longer guarantees—up to thirty years in some cases. We provide a free next-day delivery service throughout the majority of the United Kingdom, regardless of how much or how little you spend, and we also have a 14-day return policy with no questions asked. Should you change your mind, all you have to do is send the item back to us unused and in its original packaging to receive a full refund. In addition, we provide a price match guarantee, which means that if you find one of our goods sold anywhere at a lower price, we will honour that lower price and match it.

If you have any questions regarding our Reina radiators or would like to inquire about stock, please call one of our team members on 01473 276686. They will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Delivery Times

Our warehouse in Ipswich is where we keep the majority of our products in stock at any given time. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with free delivery the next day. During the checkout process, each product category and item will include an estimate of how long it will take to deliver them. We offer free delivery the following day to the majority of locations in the UK as standard. To discuss delivery arrangements, call us on 01473 276686.