Climastar has revolutionised the sector by introducing an ecological heating system which combines low-power consumption, avant-garde design and high benefits in technology, comfort and design.

Innovation and quality are the key factors that have taken Climastar to a leading position in the residential heating systems market. From 2001, Climastar have been awarded several international prestigious prizes. Their products have the most important international patents.

But Climastars most valuable success is to have gained the satisfaction of thousands of customers that, like you, look for the perfect heating.

Climastar Reviews


Trusted Customer
30 March 2016 14:56

Climastar 05100ST Smart Touch Inertia Radiator 1000W White Cashmere

Arrived and had obviously been used and returned. I found the reason because the control kept hanging. Finally solved it by removing the "open window" feature but needed dealers help as this option was not documented

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Excellent web site, excellent sales support and delivery but when there was a problem, they really could not cope with it and it ended up my having to ddeal directly with the manufacturer to find a solution

Many thanks for your feedback.
When it comes to programming issues - it is generally more efficient to deal with our support partners / manufacturers, although we will of course be with you through the process, and until any issues are resolved.

Customer Service Manager


Trusted Customer
14 February 2016 21:57

Climastar 051000S Smart Easy Tech Inertia Radiator 1000W White Cashmere

The heating panel is exactly what we want except for one vital feature. We wanted to be able to set the heater to come on to heat the room before we came down in the morning. Unfortunately, it was not at all clear on the website that although it can be programmed, the programming is limited to the choice of 3 temperatures and a selection of hours the heater will stay on once you turn it on. There is no way you can set the time it comes on. It seems this is an essential difference between this model and the touch screen version, and this is not pointed out.

The order came in reasonable time and was well packaged. The product matches the picture on the website. However, description of the product's programming features is not clear on the website.

Many Thanks for your positive comments, with ref to the timer function it is rare to find a towel rail with full program-ability as the aesthetic is generally very important the normal option is a set back timer which is small and discreet, following your comments I have made some minor changes to the description which will hopefully make this clear.
Many Thanks Again

Paul M Frost
Customer Service Manager


Trusted Customer
21 December 2015 14:50

Climastar 052000S Smart Easy Tech Inertia Radiator 2000W White Cashmere


The first heater supplied did not work. A second was sent which was fine, but we're still waiting for the faulty heater to be collected.
It was very difficult to communicate with the heatershop and the supplier of the heater.

Good Morning Stephen
Thanks you very much for your quality feedback. The Climastar range is brand new in the UK, and I have never heard of a faulty product from this manufacturer, which may explain the speed of their response. We will of course take this up with climastar in an effort to improve this issue. If you have any other questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Many thanks again.
Paul Frost
Sales Manager