Climastar Electric Radiators Smart Touch Inertia White Cashmere

Climastar Electric Radiators Smart Touch Inertia White Cashmere

Climastar smart radiators heat up the room quickly and use less power to maintain the temperature for longer, due to the heat cruise control (HCC) control and accurate thermostat energy use is reduced. The Climastar smart touch inertia radiators HCC system will provide 100% of the required power only to reach the set temperature. Once this is achieved, consumption is reduced by 66%. The silicon technology will ensure that the room is heated up quickly and maintain the room temperature even when switched off.

Why choose Climastar Smart Touch Inertia White cashmere electric radiators?

  • Dual Kherr Silicon Inertia front panel.
  • TECH display with safety lock.
  • Digital temperature selector for displaying real temperature and set up temperature.
  • Daily programmer.
  • Digital adjustable thermometer.
  • Built-in electronic ambient thermostat + 0.05C.
  • Open window detector.
  • Thermal safety cut out.
  • Class II insulation.
  • Heating Cruise Control system HCC.
  • Three-level temperature selector: Comfort, Economy and Frost-protection.
  • Powder coated steel structure.
  • Fitted with mains cable.
  • Safety wall fixing devices for easy installation.

Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
30 March 2016 14:56

Climastar 05100ST Smart Touch Inertia Radiator 1000W White Cashmere

Arrived and had obviously been used and returned. I found the reason because the control kept hanging. Finally solved it by removing the "open window" feature but needed dealers help as this option was not documented

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Excellent web site, excellent sales support and delivery but when there was a problem, they really could not cope with it and it ended up my having to ddeal directly with the manufacturer to find a solution

Many thanks for your feedback.
When it comes to programming issues - it is generally more efficient to deal with our support partners / manufacturers, although we will of course be with you through the process, and until any issues are resolved.

Customer Service Manager