Creda Aluminium Radiators

2 Year WarrantyLot 20
Creda Aluminium Radiators
Creda Aluminium Radiators
Creda Aluminium Radiators
ModelDimensionsRooms Up ToWattagePriceStockQty
Creda CAR033 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 330WCAR033
QF #: 16116
348 x 570 x 85 mm
4.5 m²
330 W
£143.88 exc VAT
Dimensions348 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To4.5 m²
Wattage330 W
Creda CAR050 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 500WCAR050
QF #: 16117
508 x 570 x 85 mm
6 m²
500 W
£154.38 exc VAT
Dimensions508 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To6 m²
Wattage500 W
Creda CAR075 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 750WCAR075
QF #: 16118
588 x 570 x 85 mm
8 m²
750 W
£189.89 exc VAT
Dimensions588 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To8 m²
Wattage750 W
Creda CAR100 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 1000WCAR100
QF #: 16119
668 x 570 x 85 mm
12 m²
1000 W
£216.67 exc VAT
Dimensions668 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To12 m²
Wattage1000 W
Creda CAR150 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 1500WCAR150
QF #: 16120
908 x 570 x 85 mm
16 m²
1500 W
£275.22 exc VAT
Dimensions908 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To16 m²
Wattage1500 W
Creda CAR200 Aluminium Electric Radiator - 2000WCAR200
QF #: 16121
1068 x 570 x 85 mm
20 m²
2000 W
£339.26 exc VAT
Dimensions1068 x 570 x 85 mm
Rooms Up To20 m²
Wattage2000 W
Heater Shop

Classically styled oil-filled aluminium radiator with integrated intelligent electronic temperature and 7 day time control

The Creda Aluminium Radiator has been designed and developed by our in-house team of experts to bring you the best in advanced technology and give you maximum control of your heating.

In the fast-paced world of today it's not always easy to remember to turn your heating on or off when needed, but with the Creda Aluminium Radiator you don't have to. Adapting to suit your environment and lifestyle, the Creda Aluminium Radiator does the thinking for you. Simply choose your preferred time and temperature and let it do the rest.
It's the clever thinking of the Creda Aluminium Radiator that optimises efficient energy usage and ensures your room is heated to the right temperature at the right time, all year round.
This heater features the CapSense controller; providing a more intuitive user experience with its backlit LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons.

Adaptive Start pre-heats the room ahead of a programmed heating schedule for only exactly the amount of time required to meet the desired target temperature at the desired time. For example, if the product was following a timer which was set to 21 degrees at 7am, with Adaptive Start the product will begin heating before 7am to achieve 21 degrees at 7am. Without Adaptive Start the heater will only begin heating at 7am.

Open Window detection monitors the room temperature while the heater attempts to achieve a desired room temperature. If the room temperature does not change or decreases while heat is being emitted; the product will stop heating and enter a standby mode in order to not waste energy.

This radiator complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive

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