Dimplex CXLSN Storage Heaters

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Dimplex CXLSN Storage Heaters
Dimplex CXLSN Storage Heaters
Dimplex CXLSN Storage Heaters
Product CodeWattageDimensionsPrice
Dimplex CXLS12N Automatic Combination Storage Heater 900WCXLS12N
QF #: 8707
900 W
565 x 706 x 193 mm
Wattage900 W
Dimensions565 x 706 x 193 mm
Dimplex CXLS18N Automatic Combination Storage Heater 1450WCXLS18N
QF #: 8708
1450 W
793 x 706 x 193 mm
Wattage1450 W
Dimensions793 x 706 x 193 mm
Dimplex CXLS24N Automatic Combination Storage Heater 2000WCXLS24N
QF #: 8709
2000 W
1021 x 706 x 193 mm
Wattage2000 W
Dimensions1021 x 706 x 193 mm

By providing two heaters in one compact case, the Dimplex CXLSN saves space, and its smooth curved styling complements the Dimplex XLSN storage heaters and the Dimplex PLX panel heaters.

Why choose Dimplex CXLSN storage heaters?

  • Low cost - using primarily off-peak electricity
  • Automatic charge regulator
  • Thermostat can be set to maintain a constant room temperature
  • Silent top-up heating
  • Secure wall fixing

The Dimplex CXLSN provides a continuous source of warmth, primarily from cheap off-peak electricity. The convector gives completely silent top-up heating and the thermostat can be set to maintain constant room temperatures and automatically switch on as necessary.

The Dimplex CXLSN range features automatic charge regulator, which automatically adjusts the level of input charge to compensate for changing weather conditions without user intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

Dimplex offer 10-year warranty on their Quantum storage heaters.

The 10 year warranty is a standard 2 years, plus additional 8 years upon registration.

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