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Dimplex Q-Rad QRAD075 750W Electric Radiator 513mm

2 Year Warranty
Heats Up To 7 m²*

* All recommended "heats up to" are for example only and are based on current building regulations any deviation within in this build example may significantly affect this recommendation. We always recommend contacting us for a free heat loss calculation.

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Part Number: QRAD075
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Heater Shop
RangeDimplex Q-Rad
Model750 Watts
BarcodeBarcode 5011139049230
WeightWeight 7.10 Kg

Q-Rad combines the latest, most advanced technologies to give you maximum control over your heating, allowing you to choose when you want heat and at what temperature using the intuitive heater control.

A low thermal mass allows Q-Rad to heat up quickly and react more responsively to changes in room temperature. This means improved control, comfort and energy saving.

Taking design cues from the leading Quantum heater, Q-Rad is sleek, slim and stylish combining good looks with simple controls.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent electric radiator.
  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat (to +/-0.2oC).
  • Advanced touch control system offering temperature selection and pre-set programmes for maximum control with complete flexibility.
  • 24-hour and 7-day timer control ensures suitability for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Incorporates the revolutionary iQ controller making Quantum highly controllable – yet simple to use.
  • 'Eco-Start' delayed anticipatory control - the heater decides when to turn on to ensure target temperature is achieved at the selected time.
  • Instant warmth through Dual-Element technology, providing the perfect balance of convection and radiant heat.
  • Open Window Technology automatically reduces output to prevent heat loss if a window is left open, thereby saving you money.
  • 10-year warranty & BEAB approved.
  • Attractive styling to match the Quantum off peak heater range.

Energy-saving features

Q-Rad boasts a range of unique, intelligent features which work automatically to help keep you warm for less.

Dual-Element technology

Q-Rad has a convective element and a radiant element. It uses one or both of these heat sources automatically to maintain an accurate target room temperature. Q-Rad calculates the time needed to heat a room and the convective, and radiant element begins by operating at full power.

As the room approaches the target temperature, Q-Rad begins to cycle the convective element between full and reduced power until the target temperature is reached.

At this point, Q-Rad switches off the convector avoiding overshooting and saving you energy. To maintain the target temperature, Q-Rad cycles the convective and radiant elements on and off as required.

Open window detection

Should a window or door be left open accidentally, Q-Rad will detect a sudden change in temperature and scale back the output to 50%. Once the window or door has been closed, Q-Rad will return to normal operation. This technology ensures the output from the heater is reduced when heat is escaping from a room, thereby avoiding wastage and saving you money.

'Eco-Start' delayed start anticipatory control

Q-Rad has a unique self-learning delayed start function, which learns the thermal characteristics of a room and determines how long the appliance needs to operate in order to reach target temperatures based on factors such as room size, heat losses and the prevailing weather.

Measuring the heat-up and cool-down times of the toom, and how they vary with external temperature, the heater will work out what time it needs to start heating in order to reach the user-defined target temperature at a specified time.

Inevitably, this minimises waster energy and can deliver cost savings for users e.g. If you plan to get up at 7am and your desired temperature is 21oC: with a traditional system, you would need to estimate when to set the heating to come on to ensure it preheats the room in time.

Depending on your settings and prevailing temperatures, this could mean that the room is still cold when you get out of bed or that it has been warm for some time before it needed to be. However, with this clever feature, Q-Rad anticipates when it needs to start heating to reach 21oC by 7am, pre-heating for shorter periods when the weather is mild and longer periods to ensure you're warm in the winter.

Visual and audible feedback

This electronic interface comprises of an LCD display screen and six touch-sensitive buttons: Menu, Back, Advance, Up (arrow), Down (arrow) and Enter, which make an audible 'beep' when pressed. The pitch of the sound will rise and fall in line with the temperature selected and the temperature display is also colour-coded to assist the visually impaired. (Note: audio feedback may be disabled when not required).

Pre-programmed settings

Q-Rad comes with 4 pre-programmed timer modes: Out All Day, Home All Day, Holiday and Use Timer. The times of these may be modified to suit your lifestyle, plus there's a handy Advance function that lets you change your settings temporarily.

Child lock

Q-Rad features a Child Lock to prevent little hands from tinkering with your settings. Activating this is a simple process - press and hold the Back and Enter buttons on the heater control for three seconds. The words 'Child Lock' will appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you that this function is active.

Technical Specifications
Brand Dimplex
BTU 2559 BTU/hr
Child Lock Yes
Colour White
Convective Element 551 W
Depth 105 mm
Dimensions 513 x 546 x 105 mm
Heats Up To 7 m²
Height 546 mm
IP Rating IPX4
Portable No
Product Type Electric Radiator
Radiant Element 199 W
Thermal Technology Aluminium Core
Thermal Technology Dry
Timer Programmable
Warranty 2 Years
Wattage 750 W
Wi-Fi Compatible No
Width 513 mm
Dimplex QRAD Brochure

File Size: 4.44 MB

Dimplex QRAD Instructions

File Size: 256.27 KB

Dimplex QRAD Menu Instructions

File Size: 2.46 MB

Dimplex QRAD Quick Start Brochure

File Size: 84.11 KB

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Customer Product Rating Customer Experience
Rebecca Cornwell
24 November 2017 20:03
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Slimline and modern and great that it has different setting, thanks heater shop
“Great company will be using again”
From ordering two heaters and having them delivered was 2days, they are very slimline and look lovely, compared to are old night storage heaters, we are now saving up to buy 2 more from the heater shop, Would recommend the heater shop 100% to anyone looking for new heaters
Brilliant, thank you for the great review and we very much look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Cassandra Anderson
01 October 2017 11:05
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Great product and looks good
“Great product and service!”
Heater shop were very helpful every step of the way. Delivery was quicker than expected and price was best we could find!
That is great to hear, thank you for the fantastic review.
Joseph Parkin
30 September 2017 12:55
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
I thought 5 stars I thought 5 stars
Nothing to add to the 5 star rating
Trusted Customer
14 March 2017 06:43
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
my test results have been excellent
“There was no sales pressure or demand to give a survey”
very helpful and informative sales staff. Very efficient delivery
Thank you very much for your great review. 
Our priority is always to ensure that we give the very best advice and service to all of our customers. 
Keith Bowers
26 February 2017 11:22
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Bought this to provide background warmth in living room.
Excellent for the job.
Controls easy to use.
The Dimplex Q-Rad is a fantastic electric radiator and I am really pleased that it is doing its job perfectly for you.
“Excellent service by Heater Shop”
Great service , prompt delivery. Well packaged
Laszlo Jona
20 February 2017 17:39
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Overall good product. Overpriced.
“Excellent service by Heater Shop”
Good service.
Thank you for rating our service as excellent , it is very much appreciated.
Trusted Customer
24 January 2017 12:55
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
“Excellent service by Heater Shop”
Very good overall.
Thank you for your great feedback, we appreciate it very much. 


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