Dimplex XLSN Storage Heaters

Dimplex XLSN Storage Heaters
Dimplex XLSN Storage Heaters
ModelHeats Up ToWattageDimensionsPrice
Dimplex XLS12N 1700W Automatic Storage HeaterXLS12N
QF #: 8704
6 m²
1700 W
565 x 706 x 146 mm
Heats Up To6 m²
Wattage1700 W
Dimensions565 x 706 x 146 mm
Dimplex XLS18N 2550W Automatic Storage HeaterXLS18N
QF #: 8705
10 m²
2550 W
793 x 706 x 146 mm
Heats Up To10 m²
Wattage2550 W
Dimensions793 x 706 x 146 mm
Dimplex XLS24N 3400W Automatic Storage HeaterXLS24N
QF #: 8706
13 m²
3400 W
1021 x 706 x 146 mm
Heats Up To13 m²
Wattage3400 W
Dimensions1021 x 706 x 146 mm
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The Dimplex XLSN range is their slimmest and most popular storage heater offering performance, economy, ultra slim design and maintenance free reliability.

Why choose Dimplex XLSN storage heaters?

  • Room temperature boost button
  • Compatible with all off-peak tariffs
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Manually adjustable charge regulator
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Reliable

The XLS is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. The heating level of XLS range is adjusted by means of a variable input control, which the occupant sets in line with the changing weather conditions. The XLS range features manually adjustable charge regulator to control the amount of heat stored during the charge period. Room temperature boost control increases heat output when required and may be used automatically or manually.

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Frequently asked questions

Dimplex offer 10-year warranty on their Quantum storage heaters.

The 10 year warranty is a standard 2 years, plus additional 8 years upon registration.

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