Electric Boilers

Electric Boilers

Elnur electric boilers offer you the opportunity to enjoy the safety and convenience of electric energy.

Introducing the new Elnur Mattira electric boilers. A fantastic new range, offering new energy efficient features and compatibility with the new Elnur Connected Wi-Fi series.

An Elnur Electric boiler is the ideal option when a totally safe and efficient central heating system is required in both 3 x 400V+N~ and 230V~. The boiler is compatible for one or three phases by using the bridge connection (included) in the terminal block.

The entire range of Elnur electric boilers can be used with hot water radiators, radiant floor heating, and with room or programmable thermostats, and unlike other boilers, electric boilers do not require yearly maintenance or safety inspections.

Main benefits of an Elnur Electric Boiler

  • No yearly safety inspection required for landlords
  • Electric heating is one of the safest and cleanest systems available
  • Elnur Connected Wi-Fi compatibility with new Mattira ranges, giving you ultimate control
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel water tank ensures a long corrosion-free life, reducing the need for periodic servicing and replacement of anodes

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All the components required for the operation and installation are supplied with the boiler. Installations do not require venting or gas outlets which may compromise the insulation of your home.

These electronic boilers from Elnur are completely silent thanks to their TRIAC-based technology. Moreover, they have a modulating operation which, combined with a good exterior programmable thermostat (see accessories), adapts the heating power to the needs of the system, achieving maximum energy efficiency and a considerable saving in consumption.

Frequently asked questions

Do Electric boilers take up a lot of space?

Electric boilers are compact in size and do not take up much space. There is no need for flues, storage tanks or separate hot water storage, making them ideal for small flats and smaller spaces.

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Do Elnur electric boilers come with a flex?

Elnur electric boilers do not come with a flex as they are subject to different installation methods other than for example a radiator or panel, whereby the connection must be hard wired by a compe...

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