Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators

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New10 Year Warranty
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Elnur RFCE Plus Conservatory Radiators
Product CodeWattageDimensionsPrice
Elnur RFC7E-PLUS 750W Conservatory Electric Radiator 665mmRFC7E-PLUS
QF #: 13704
750 W
665 x 430 x 100 mm
Wattage750 W
Dimensions665 x 430 x 100 mm
Elnur RFC9E-PLUS 1000W Conservatory Electric Radiator 815mmRFC9E-PLUS
QF #: 13728
1000 W
815 x 430 x 100 mm
Wattage1000 W
Dimensions815 x 430 x 100 mm
Elnur RFC11E-PLUS 1250W Conservatory Electric Radiator 975mmRFC11E-PLUS
QF #: 13682
1250 W
975 x 430 x 100 mm
Wattage1250 W
Dimensions975 x 430 x 100 mm
Elnur RFC14E-PLUS1500W Conservatory Electric Radiator 1215mmRFC14E-PLUS
QF #: 13705
1500 W
1215 x 430 x 100 mm
Wattage1500 W
Dimensions1215 x 430 x 100 mm

Key Features of the Elnur RFCE Plus

  • 10-year warranty
  • Lower height perfect for dwarf walls
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Complimentary to the RFE-PLUS range
  • Maximum comfort with installed programmes
  • ETCO technology
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Built-in electronic ambient thermostat ±0.10C
  • IP2X rating
  • Oil-filled thermal element
  • Aluminium body, off white finish
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptive start control


The most stylish conservatory heater on the market, the Elnur RFCE Plus is a compact yet powerful heating solution. Ideal for low-lying walls with the slim design, the robust aluminium body sports and off white finish for an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Also offering the simplest installation process, the Elnur includes their patented wall brackets for extra safety and performance. They are automatically even without requiring levelling or aligning, simply plug in and play for effective heating.


The RFCE Plus range employs the most up to date energy saving technology; Open window detection sensing rapid drops in temperature and pausing output until the temperature stabilises. This hugely limits energy wastage and improve the radiators overall efficiency.

ETCO technology involves an onboard microprocessor which reduces energy input, only withdrawing the minimum required amount needed. Combined with the super accurate thermostat, accurate to within a tenth of a degree, the RFCE plus is able to maintain the perfect temperature with the lowest possible energy usage.

Elnur use an EcoFluid technology designed to provide rapid heat distribution; the fluid is environmentally friendly and warms air effectively as it passes through the heater.


Adaptive Start is a function which preheats the room to the exact temperature at the exact time desired. This requires the heater to learn the needs of the room or conservatory it occupies, intuitively monitoring and assessing output and effect. This function is of the most recent in radiator performance technologies, maximising the comfort your conservatory has to offer.

With 24/7 programmes, the heater can be optimised to one of three modes: comfort eco and anti-frost. Accessible through the onboard keypad, the keypad can be locked to stop children and student modifying the pre-set settings.

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