Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators

10 Year Warranty
Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators
Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators
Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators
Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators
Harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators
ModelDimensionsWattageHeats Rooms Up ToPriceStockQty
Harmoni Lugo HSC1100 1100W Conservatory Electric Radiator 1010mm 11 ElementsLUGOHSC1100
QF #: 13737
1010 x 420 x 98 mm
1100 W
7 m²
£244.00 exc VAT
Dimensions1010 x 420 x 98 mm
Wattage1100 W
Heats Rooms Up To7 m²
Harmoni Lugo HSC1300 1300W Conservatory Electric Radiator 1180mm 13 ElementsLUGOHSC1300
QF #: 13738
1180 x 420 x 98 mm
1300 W
8 m²
£269.33 exc VAT
Dimensions1180 x 420 x 98 mm
Wattage1300 W
Heats Rooms Up To8 m²
Harmoni Lugo HSC1500 1500W Conservatory Electric Radiator 1330mm 15 ElementsLUGOHSC1500
QF #: 13739
1330 x 420 x 98 mm
1500 W
10 m²
£293.33 exc VAT
Dimensions1330 x 420 x 98 mm
Wattage1500 W
Heats Rooms Up To10 m²
Harmoni HSBC21 - Remote ControlHSBC21
QF #: 13469
58 x 155 x 16 mm
£60.80 exc VAT
Dimensions58 x 155 x 16 mm

Key Features of the harmoni Lugo Conservatory Radiators

  • 10-year warranty
  • Infrared communication available with the optional remote
  • Template for fittings with installation kit for DIY plug-in and go
  • Slim modern design
  • Smaller shape perfect for low lying conservatory walls
  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat (±0.25ºC)
  • Intelligent 24/7 programming control
  • Thermal oil-filled for great heat transfer
  • Lot 20 compliant
  • IP21
  • 3 different sizes and powers available


Perfect for conservatories with low lying walls, the harmoni Lugo is a high quality heating solution offering advanced efficiency and functionality.

The slim modern design is clean and polished; with the noiseless performance, the heater is invisible in residential settings. Heater Shop supply three different sizes and powers, able to heat well-sized conservatories easily.

Installation is made easy with our installation kit, including all fixings and a fitting template for the perfect position. Achieve your conservatories maximum potential by including the stylish sustainable Harmoni Lugo, its ten year warranty ensuring the heater will remain a permanent addition to the home.


The Lugo’s highly accurate thermostat, accurate to within a fourth of a degree, ensures the temperature is maintained at the comfortably desired setting. The thermal oil is able to efficiently retain and emit heat, quickly fluctuating between settings with control and stability.

Eco mode keeps energy usage at a minimum, and Open window detection reduces energy wastage when the ambient temperature drops. The Lugo’s sensors will constantly monitor the conservatory and change the radiator’s output appropriately to suit the needs of the room, improving efficiency and performance.


The Lugo is easy to operate with its 24/7 programming control and 3 working modes: Anti-frost, Eco and Comfort. The programs are visible and accessible via the Lugo’s inbuilt bright blue screen, displaying the consumption indicator and target temperature. The advanced energy saving technology can be manipulated to suit your day-to-day schedule.

The optional infrared remote offers greater control, its memory lock function and pre-programmed keys provide easy access to your customised settings, all displayed on its clear LCD screen. An economical and powerful conservatory heating solution, this product is Lot 20 approved, affordable and an intelligent choice.

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