Dimplex PLXE Panel Heaters

24 Hour TimerLot 20
Dimplex PLXE Panel Heaters
Dimplex PLXE Panel Heaters
Dimplex PLXE Panel Heaters
ModelDimensionsHeats Up ToWattagePriceQty
Dimplex PLX050E - Panel HeaterPLX050E
QF #: 13697
450 x 430 x 108 mm5 m²500 W
£108.33 exc VAT
Dimensions450 x 430 x 108 mm
Heats Up To5 m²
Wattage500 W
Dimplex PLX075E - Panel HeaterPLX075E
QF #: 13698
620 x 430 x 108 mm7 m²750 W
£111.54 exc VAT
Dimensions620 x 430 x 108 mm
Heats Up To7 m²
Wattage750 W
Dimplex PLX100E - Panel HeaterPLX100E
QF #: 13699
620 x 430 x 108 mm10 m²1000 W
£115.27 exc VAT
Dimensions620 x 430 x 108 mm
Heats Up To10 m²
Wattage1000 W
Dimplex PLX125E - Panel Heater, 1250WPLX125E
QF #: 13700
690 x 430 x 108 mm12 m²1250 W
£123.38 exc VAT
Dimensions690 x 430 x 108 mm
Heats Up To12 m²
Wattage1250 W
Dimplex PLX150E - Panel HeaterPLX150E
QF #: 13701
690 x 430 x 108 mm15 m²1500 W
£131.41 exc VAT
Dimensions690 x 430 x 108 mm
Heats Up To15 m²
Wattage1500 W
Dimplex PLX200E - Panel HeaterPLX200E
QF #: 13702
860 x 430 x 143 mm20 m²2000 W
£139.13 exc VAT
Dimensions860 x 430 x 143 mm
Heats Up To20 m²
Wattage2000 W
Dimplex PLXC300E - Panel HeaterPLXC300E
QF #: 13703
860 x 430 x 143 mm30 m²3000 W
£160.19 exc VAT
Dimensions860 x 430 x 143 mm
Heats Up To30 m²
Wattage3000 W
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Key Features

  • 2-year warranty
  • Stylish and Durable build quality
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 7 day user timer
  • Electronic thermostat accurate to within 0.2°C
  • Compact with easy installation
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptive start
  • Child-lock and Landlord-lock
  • Efficient Lot 20 standard


Dimplex PLXE range of panel heaters are compact direct-action heaters. Their splash-proof and stylish front facing grille adds a touch of class, optimising heat circulation throughout the space. Dimplex PLXE panel heaters have been designed with traditional panel fixings in mind, the easy-install heater is able to cover the marks utilising a slim, durable metal chassis coated and a modern epoxy-polyester coating with a white finish.

The PLXE can be digitally controlled via its backlit LCD display and CapSense controller. The heater makes use of an electronic thermostat, allowing you to personalise your heating to within a fifth of a degree, 24/7. The system is designed to be user friendly and energy efficient, automatically applying continuous heat modes, such as eco or frost protect.

No matter the workload, Dimplex’s panel heater can be optimised to your schedule with its ready-to-go 7-day programmable timer.


Intuitive and adaptive, the Dimplex PLXE panel heater features many energy-saving features. Dimplex’s Adaptive Start function preheats the room to be at the exact temperature at the exact time, it will then sustain the temperature, reacting according to ensure maximum efficiency.

Whatever the weather, Dimplex’s Open Window detection technology will constantly monitor room temperature, automatically determining the perfect amount of heat needed to be emitted. Effective from the conservatory to the bathroom, the PLXE is Lot 20 standardised with an IP24 rating.


The Dimplex PLXE Panel Heater’s arsenal of multiple timer profiles, unlimited daily settings and a highly accurate thermostat demonstrates its excellent functionality. Dimplex also offers a PIN-based child-lock or landlord-lock feature, suitable for stopping hands getting where they shouldn’t. The PLXE is fitted with a backup battery, ensuring the clock never stops on your personal panel heating.

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Customer reviews


Graham Edmundson
20 March 2019 07:52

Dimplex PLX150E - Panel Heater

Great value and nice modern appearance.

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First class

Thank you for the fantastic 5 star feedback, we appreciate the comments very much.


Trusted Customer
9 March 2019 12:43

Dimplex PLX125E - Panel Heater, 1250W

Just what I needed, a good range of outputs and very well priced.

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Dimplex PLX150E - Panel Heater

ditto to the above comment

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Dimplex PLX200E - Panel Heater

ditto, as the above comments

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I initially called Heater Shop for advice, which was answered by the person who answered the call. I made my order online, acknowledged, advised all the way through and delivered on time. The fitting electrician was complimentary about the product and I was delighted with the price !

Thank you very much for your really fantastic 5 star review of our service, pricing and delivery.


Grant Henderson
19 February 2019 08:35

Dimplex PLX150E - Panel Heater

Easy to install and user friendly

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Easy web site. Delivery easy.

This is great to hear, thank you for the positive feedback.