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Plinth heaters are a great heating solution for the home. Ideal in kitchens, where there is often not the space to install an electric radiator or a full-size wall mounted heater.

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Plinth heaters are an ideal heating solution for kitchens and utility rooms as well as a great space saver. They can also be used in other spaces that need heat but doesn’t quite have the room to fit a normal electric radiators in. They are mounted within the plinth at the bottom of your kitchen units and produce heat to keep your room warm. They are small, compact and are hidden at the bottom of your units giving you more wall space. They provide instant heat and depending on the size of the room will depend on how many you need.

Are Plinth Heaters Noisy?

The part of the kitchen plinth heater that makes a noise is the fan when it’s being used. However, it isn’t particularly loud and you could compare it to the sound of your fridge or freezer. This is a sound which is often a background noise that is quickly forgotten about.

Electric plinth heaters are easy to install. They simply plug into your mains electricity supply and that’s it, you have heat in your room. If you are planning to install it, we would recommend you hire a professional electrician to do the installation. Most products are supplied with an installation template which makes it easier to install in into the plinth. We also stock hydronic plinth heaters which taps into the hot water of your central heating system. The type of plinth you choose depends on whether you are installing new or retrofitting and how easy it is to fit each one based on where electric and water supplies are available. Either one will give you hot air using an electric fan.

Best Plinth Heaters

We stock Dimplex & Eterna plinth heaters which we have found to be tried and tested. With constant five-star reviews and the biggest names in the heating manufacturing industry offer market leading warranties and products, they sell themselves.

How to install a plinth heater

  1. Read instruction in product manual and ensure al instructions are followed. If you are installing an electric model, you will need a qualified electrician for part of the installation. If you are using an hydronic model, you will need a qualified plumber and electrician for part of the installation.
  2. Make a note of the size of the hole you need to cut in your plinth. Mark up using a pencil and then cut out the area using a jigsaw. You will need to ensure space around the product as it will need airflow and will also need to be on a flat, secure surface (usually the floor).
  3. At this point, you will need your electrician/plumber to connect the electrics and/or pipes.
  4. Once complete, fix the heater to the plinth as directed in the instructions.
  5. Fix the stainless steel grill to the front of the plinth.
  6. Clean your tools away and get ready to enjoy some heat.

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