Compact Instantaneous Water Heaters

Mini and compact instantaneous water heaters are excellent choices for small to medium amounts of hot water, such as are required at a hand wash basin or in the kitchen. The big advantage of this decentralised solution is, that hot water is available almost instantaneously, avoiding potential losses in the supply line.

Instantaneous water heaters only ever heat the exact amount of hot water that is currently required.

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11 July 2018 10:33

Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10 Set (Single Phase) Compact Instantaneous Water Heater

Works as advertised. Fitted immediately into space occupied by an earlier version (20 years old?) of the same heater. The thermostat on the output is a big improvement as it means no more being dowsed by scalding hot water when the water pressure drops, which it does a lot in this hot weather!

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Product was delivered next day as promised, and was installed and working perfectly the following day. I can't ask for more than that!!

That is brilliant to hear, thank you for the great 5 star review.