Dimplex Electric Heaters

The world largest manufacturer of electrical heating, Dimplex is a subsidiary of the Glen Dimplex Group, a highly experienced company of 70 years. The market leader in creation and manufacture, They stand by the words ‘Creating comfort by design’, utilising deep-rooted expertise which is continually invested in to new ideas. Winners of numerous awards, their products are reliable and diverse. The words Dimplex Electric Heater have become a well known phrase throughout the UK. Heater Shop supplies a wide range of Dimplex electric heaters, catering for a variety of consumer needs.

With a huge manufacturing base and still ongoing expansion, the group is continually building brands and providing customers with necessary products. The group’s businesses operate to the highest standards of efficiency, quality and ethics, delivering absolute focus on customers’ needs. Attempting to corner the market, Dimplex’s smart electric heaters utilise the latest technology to keep up with a quickly-evolving world.

Over the course of nearly 70 years, they have built a portfolio of some 700 products. During this time, they have managed to blend affordability with attractively designed heating solutions that are efficient, reliable and durable. This unrivaled experience, combined with an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, is why Dimplex heaters remain a market leader in electric heating.


Dimplex electric heaters

Dimplex Electric Radiators

Their electric radiators feature dual-element technology and a top-sided grille design ensuring thorough warmth through the space.

The Q-Rad range is a technologically advanced heater, offering full 24/7 timer control and customisable programmes. You are able to maintain an accurate room temperature with its exceptional electronic thermostat; the Q-Rad self-regulates to avoid overshooting and energy wastage. Overall, their best selling electric radiators are attractive, efficient and ideal for household heating.

Dimplex electric heaters

Dimplex Storage Heaters

They have been leading manufacturing in storage heating for decades, enabling them to create some of the best storage heaters on the market. Their storage heaters can retain heat throughout the day, making use of cheaper night time energy tariffs. A great cost saving solution, the Quantum is 27% cheaper to run than the average model.

Their range have revolutionised the traditional storage heater archetype by instead being able to be used at any time through their seven day programmer. Heat is always available through the boost function which activates the inbuilt versatile element, or alternatively holiday mode can be utilised to limit energy wastage.

Dimplex electric heaters

Dimplex Panel Heaters

Their unique panel heaters are powerful, effective, but also employ a range of safety features. Its sensors regulate surface temperature and its low speed fan enables rapid and even heat distribution. They utilise a delayed start anticipatory control, dubbed ‘eco-start’ for improved overall performance.

The panel heaters feature a LCD display which can be digitally controlled, proving reading and target temperature settings. The ranges work around the clock, automatically applying continuous heat modes, such as eco and frost protect.

Dimplex electric heaters

Dimplex Portable Heaters

Heater Shop also supplies a range of their portable heaters. Adding to the existing heater system, their affordable standalone heaters can be easily stored without risk of deterioration.

Each possess a high IP rating, hence are applicable for water prominent areas such as the greenhouse. They hold an extended warranty and are made from reliable components, offering a robust and durable structure. Overall, their portable heaters are attractive and effective, ideal for immediate household heating.

Dimplex electric heaters

Dimplex Towel Rails

Their towel rails are varied in design and sophistication. Instant options include the S range and the TTR, both are robust and maintenance free. The traditional ladder style is provided alongside the ultramodern BPH which features a mirror glass variant for added luxury and a 3-in-1, bathroom solution.

The towel rails feature a safety cut out mechanism which prevents the product from overheating. The rail’s surface temperature is limited to prevent harm yet still dry wet towels effectively. Installation is quick and simple, as a fixing template and instructions are provided.

Continuous investment

They have a policy of investing continuously in every area of the business; from product development right through to customer service. No one else in the industry invests more in developing products that constantly set new standards. Testament to this, is their central design facility and research teams in the factories throughout the British Isles.

A commitment to quality

Their investment in people, training and resources is reflected in the quality of their products and in the standard of their sales service. As part of their commitment to product quality, they also apply stringent controls to every part of the manufacturing process and are ISO 9002 approved.

The highest safety standards

When it comes to quality levels and safety expertise, Dimplex heaters are unparalleled. Reassuringly, they also belong to the following key industry associations:

  • Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA)
  • Electrical Distributors Association (EDA)
  • British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA)
  • Hot Water Association (HWA)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HEVAC)

As well as the above, many of the their products are BEAB approved.

Product downloads

Data Sheet

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Dimplex Cadiz Instructions

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Dimplex Heating Brochure

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Dimplex Lst Datasheet

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Dimplex QRAD Brochure

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Dimplex QRAD Instructions

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Dimplex Towel Rail Brochure

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Hub User Manual

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Installation Manual

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Installation Manual

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LST Brochure

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OFX Instruction Manual

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QRADE Information Sheet

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Quick Start Guide

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Saletto Heating Manual

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Spec Sheet

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Frequently asked questions

The Dimplex panel heaters are maintenance free. Do not use abrasive products or solvents for cleaning the Dimplex electrical radiator. Clean and dust with a dry soft cloth only when the unit is disconnected and cold. The outside can be cleaned by wiping it over with a soft damp cloth and then dried.

All of our Dimplex panel heaters incorporate a frost protection setting (apart from the non-control version, however these can be controlled remotely by a central controller which will likely have a similar setting).

Dimplex offer 10-year warranty on their Quantum storage heaters.

The 10 year warranty is a standard 2 years, plus additional 8 years upon registration.

Product reviews

4.898% Positive (342 reviews)

Ratings based on data collected by third party reviewing platform.


Trusted Customer
7 June 2021 15:17

Dimplex TTRC130 Chrome Electric Towel Rail 80W

Fully meets specification.

View product

No problem with the equipment ordered as it had the same dimensions and fixing details as the unit it was replacing. I was only dissatisfied regarding delivery of the item. I was advised that delivery would be between 1245 and 1445 and I was at home at this time awaiting delivery but as far as I was aware there were no callers. Sometime later that afternoon I found that a large parcel had been left at our side door and no approach had been made to our front door which is equipped with a bell for use by callers.


Neil Merry
5 June 2021 18:06

Dimplex Quantum QM150RF - Wi-Fi Ready Storage Heater, 1500W

very please and should move the rental property higher in EPC rating

View product

Excellent service fast efficient and very well packed

Awesome, great to hear. Thank you for the positive review.


Stuart Murdoch
26 May 2021 08:34

Dimplex Quantum QM050RF - Wi-Fi Ready Storage Heater, 500W

Brilliant works really well and looks fabulous and really simple to use.

View product

Dimplex Quantum QM125RF - Wi-Fi Ready Storage Heater, 1250W

Great kit installs well and runs brilliantly

View product

Equipment was too notch and in good condition when delivered. The next day delivery was 2 days and the price promise as detailed on the website is a joke staff where very rude when challenged to price match.


Andre Tomlin
26 May 2021 08:18

Dimplex Quantum QM050RF - Wi-Fi Ready Storage Heater, 500W

Lovely product very carefully packaged to protect during delivery

View product

Product was delivered sin good condition Very pleased with all aspects and would highly recommend

We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about our products and services. Thank you very much for the really great review.


Trusted Customer
21 May 2021 15:58

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

So far so good work really well and I’m really happy with them. I am sure from what I’ve experienced so far that they will be great for warming my house in the winter. Although we have had some really cold weather since putting them in and the heat from them was great. I have had storage heaters for years as I have no gas and so far these are the best I’ve ever had.

View product

Very happy with their service, the reason for not giving 5 stars was because they gave me an estimated date and said they would keep me informed all the way. It came on the estimated date which was great but I had no warning. Luckily I was at home so all was well.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate your business with us.
I am sorry to hear you were not updated regarding your delivery however it is good it was delivered on the estimated date and you are happy with the product.


Trusted Customer
19 May 2021 19:34

Dimplex OFX750TI 750W Oil Filled Electric Radiator With Timer

What I wanted fits the bill .

View product

Yes I would buy from them again and also recommend them to others

We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about our products and services. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track.


John Hodges
17 May 2021 09:52

Dimplex TTRC150 Chrome Electric Towel Rail 100W

British made product of timeless elegance As well as being functional and economic to run.Ideal for a medium sized bathroom.

View product

Dimplex heater urgently required. Ordered and delivered in double quick time.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate your business with us.


Trusted Customer
15 May 2021 10:32

Dimplex Quantum QM150RF - Wi-Fi Ready Storage Heater, 1500W

Does the job and provides plenty of heat.

View product

Installation advice from the shop was freely given and helpful. Manufacturer’s instructions were not ideal.

It is great to hear our technical team were able to assist you with the installation. Thank you for completing this wonderful review.


Trusted Customer
12 May 2021 12:46

Dimplex PLXC300E - Panel Heater

Neat product easy to operate.

View product

Very efficient service and prompt delivery. Great price.

Thank you for completing this awesome review. We really appreciate you taking the time to complete it. Glad you are happy with our services and delivery.


Trusted Customer
8 May 2021 09:52

Dimplex BPH100G 1000W Glass Front Bathroom Panel Heater 1073mm

I’ve not received it yet so unable to comment. Excepting it’s a compromise it has no left or right option of timer and this timer looks real awkward to just be able to turn it on and off when you want in order to cover irregular uses.

View product

Answer the phone with voicemail option as never get through and similarly reply to emails which go unreplied

Thank you for taking the time to review our services.

I have looked into this for you and I can see that that my colleague e-mailed you on the 06/05/21 to discuss shipping. I believe that you had accidentally selected collection, we therefore tried contacting you via e-mail and telephone to check that this was correct. We then spoke on the 06/05/21 and arranged to ship this heater out, free of charge.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with any order issues and we will be happy to resolve them as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoy your Dimplex glass panel heater once you have installed the item.

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