Dimplex Electric Heaters

Dimplex Electric Heaters

Over the course of nearly 70 years, Dimplex has built a portfolio of some 700 products achieving affordability and attractively-designed heating solutions that are efficient, reliable and durable. This unrivalled experience, combined with an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, is why Dimplex remain a market leader in electric heating.

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Continuous investment

Dimplex's policy of investing continuously in every area of the business – from product development right through to customer service. No one else in the industry invests more in developing products that constantly set new standards. Testament to this is their central design facility and research teams at the Dimplex factories throughout the British Isles.

A commitment to quality

Dimplex's investment in people, training and resources is reflected in the quality of their products, and in the standard of our pre- and post-sales service. As part of our commitment to product quality, they also apply stringent controls to every part of the manufacturing process and are ISO 9002 approved.

The highest safety standards

When it comes to quality levels and safety expertise, Dimplex are unparalleled. Reassuringly, Dimplex belong to key industry associations, including the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA), the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA), Hot Water Association (HWA) and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HEVAC). Plus, many of the Dimplex products are BEAB approved.

Product downloads

Dimplex Cadiz Instructions

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Dimplex Heat Book Brochure

File Size: 8.03 MB

Dimplex OFC Instructions

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Dimplex PLX Brochure

File Size: 389.98 KB

Dimplex QRAD Brochure

File Size: 4.44 MB

Dimplex QRAD Instructions

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Dimplex Towel Rail Brochure

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LST Brochure

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OFX Instruction Manual

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Quantum at Home

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Quantum Trade Brochure

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Saletto Heating Manual

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Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
11 December 2018 15:46

Dimplex Quantum QM150 - Electric Storage Heater, 1500W

Easy to install and does what it is supposed to. Looks good ( waiting for first bill to be completely satisfied)

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Very easy to order. Minor complication on delivery had to take a second day off work ( warehouse problem) product was well wrapped and in good condition. Will order again from this company. Competitive prices


Brian Crane
11 December 2018 11:36

Dimplex Saletto LPP150E 1500W Panel Heater (Lot 20) 1142mm

Excellent value, easy to set up.

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Product was reasonably priced, arrived next day on time, was very well packed, worked, was told within the hour when it would arrive, and it did. What more could you ask?


Trusted Customer
11 December 2018 09:25

Dimplex Quantum QM150 - Electric Storage Heater, 1500W

The performance so far is terrible but I'm waiting to hear from Glen Dimplex

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The Heater Shop offer brilliant service and delivery but the after sales service from Glen Dimplex is appalling and the Quantum heaters so far fall very short of the hype. The Heater Shop are sorting this matter out for me by contacting Dimplex direct.


Trusted Customer
11 December 2018 07:13

Dimplex TTRC130 Chrome Electric Towel Rail 80W

Good product. Well made and easy to fit.

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Amazing service. Ordered and delivered in 24 hours. No fuss. Easy website and all round very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend.


Trusted Customer
9 December 2018 10:45

Dimplex Saletto LPP150E 1500W Panel Heater (Lot 20) 1142mm

The attachment of the heater to the backplate is dismal. If it's not quite on straight and you want to take it off then the flimsy connections get bent out of alignment. As it is, I cannot remove the heater from the backplate as it seems to be locked.

Personal preference; I prefer the grills to be on the front face of the heater, near to the top, rather than at the top of the heater.

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No problems.

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