Electrorad Electric Heaters

Electrorad Electric Heaters

The traditionalist, Electrorad’s electric radiators are immediately recognisable and incredibly effective. The company supplies a British manufactured range but has also selected internationally popular products and made them available to UK based wholesalers.

Supplying heaters since the turn of the century, Electrorad was the first company to import German fireclay cores. They believe in their products and evidently so do the users as the brand is rapidly growing. Prevalent commercially because of their large heat-retentive design, Electrorad radiators offer a range of functions and a very long warranty of up to 30 years.

Heater Shop provides the Digi-Line, Aeroflow and Vanguard range, Electrorad’s latest and most advanced heater line. Utilising premium energy saving technology, the ranges are 100% controllable and 100% efficient. Control individual zones with digitised radiators, and lower electricity bills by tailoring the system to the user’s schedule.


Electrorad Electric Radiators

The Digi-Line suits any residential or commercial aesthetic, appropriate for the conservatory or other poorly insulated areas.

Single panel and double panel radiators are available and both have convection fins to ensure the perfect balance of radiant and convected heat. It utilises both radiant and convection heating, allowing the heater to quickly and evenly distribute heat. Installation is made simple with a plugin and go arrangement.

The Aeroflow range offers great diversity, with larger and more powerful models available, able to provide efficient heating to difficult spaces such as hallways and stairways. Featuring a plethora of functions, the Aeroflow conserves and radiates heat efficiently due to its German fireclay core, continuously generating effective warmth. With the longest warranty on the market, the Aeroflow is an extremely reliable product range.

Possessing a collection of energy saving features, the Vanguard’s eco-design encompasses open window sensing, adaptive start function, and an energy consumption monitor. The ceramic core offers brilliant efficiency, warming cold air drawn from the floor to be channelled out the top-sided grille. A fully controllable timer is located at the top of the radiator which is used to access 24/7 timers. The Creda Vanguard focusses on a positive environmental effect by being Lot 20 compliant and containing 100% recyclable aluminium.

Invest in Creda for economical and effective heating, offering excellent comfort and control.

Product reviews

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Nilda Fynn
18 May 2021 08:44

Electrorad Digi-Line DE50DX125 - Double Electric Radiator, 2000W

goods damaged and no timely response to our email

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goods damaged and no timely response to our email.


Trusted Customer
2 May 2021 08:01

Electrorad AF01 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 650W

This is the second Aeroflow I've bought. Straightforward to fit and easy to use.

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Again excellent service with speedy delivery and value for money.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate your regular business with us.


Garry Holland
25 April 2021 15:55

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

the heater is just right in the room

It is great to hear your heater fits well in your room.

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there price and delivery was perfect


Trusted Customer
14 April 2021 10:36

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

A good-looking panel and easy to fit. The setting instructions could be easier to follow but got there in the end.

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Following a phone call with Dean in the Technical Department and I then placed my order. Tracy from Sales rang to tell me when to expect my delivery and it was delivered on time. Great service.

Thank you for completing this review. We are proud to offer helpful and friendly customer service.


Trusted Customer
12 April 2021 09:19

Electrorad Digi-Line DE30DX200 2000W Double Conservatory Electric Radiator 2000mm

We have only had this radiator a short time but so far it has proved very effective in turning a very cold conservatory into a comfortable "office" space.

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I received excellent advice on the kind of radiator most suited to my requirements.
Service was excellent and the radiator arrived quickly and very well packed.

Thanks for your kind words about our products and services. We’re very grateful for customers like you.


Trusted Customer
13 March 2021 06:15

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Not installed yet but the website provided all the information I needed and the priduct reviews were really hekoful

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Arrived quickly, pleased with the price. Plenty of information on the website.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave great feedback.


Trusted Customer
7 March 2021 15:24

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Please so far delivers heat well, were I was struggling to maintain.

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Delivered goods as instructed and was kept up to date upon delivery.

Thank you very much for your really great feedback.


Trusted Customer
7 March 2021 08:21

Electrorad AF12 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1200W

Doing a great job in the conservatory. Control panel very handy

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Really speedy deliver. Wall mounted Aeroflow doing a great job in conservatory

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for taking the time to leave such great feedback.


28 February 2021 22:06

Electrorad AF03 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1300W

A Good little Heater. Well made and easy to use.

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I have only give a 2 Star because the heater was well packed. I was concerned with the way the heater was working. So I phoned the technical department, I wanted to check to make sure that there' was no fault on the heater. The person I spoke to was rather unfortunate with his tone of voice, and totally
disinterested in helping. I have spoken since to a person from electrorad which was fantastic, he explained how the heater works so I was conferdent that there was no issues with the heater. He was very patient polite and friendly. He came across as being interested in helping me. I picked the heater shop because the reviews give the impression that they had good customer service, so I had confidence to purchase from them. I know that some other staff members might be totally different and tidy to deal with, friendly and helpful, but I can only go off my unfortunate experience with this member of staff. I have No confidence now with the heater shop if there was a issues with the heater. So I will not purchasing from them again.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.
I am very sorry that you felt that our technical team were unhelpful. Unfortunately, sometimes we must refer our customers directly to the manufacturer for specialised help as they are trained, specifically in their brand.
I have found the enquiry that you emailed to us, which our technical team has attached his emails to Electrorad requesting a call with a detailed description of your issue - so if he came across disinterested, I can assure you that he ensured that your issue was given to the right person at Electrorad knowing that you couldn't be in better hands.


Carl Mcandrew
28 February 2021 10:48

Electrorad Vanguard VA1000 Electric Radiator

The heater is effective and of good appearance thought the brackets could do with a redesign.

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I would have given 5 stars for their prompt service and good packaging except there was a small corner piece of ceramic that had apparently broken off and fell out of the heater as it was unpacked, although disappointing I didn't regard this as important so fitted the heater and it appears not to affect the operation of the unit.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave feedback.
If you could email photos of the damages we would be happy to get this sorted for you. Please send them to returns@heatershop.co.uk

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