Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland Electric Heaters

Taking advantage of over 40 years of electrical heating experience, Haverland are attempting to lead the market in the manufacture of household and commercial heating solutions. Internationally trusted UK-manufacturing, Haverland aim to remain cost-effective whilst delivering only the best to their consumers.

Originating in the iron and steel industrial sector in 1971, Haverland have been the innovators of the electrical heating scene for decades. Their look is recognisable and unique, appropriate for modern or contemporary styled properties.

Offering designer electric radiators, efficient electric towel rails and full central heating solutions, Haverland is popular in over 30 countries around the world. With huge manufacturing and research facilities, users can have confidence in the longevity and quality of their Haverland heaters.


Haverland Electric Radiators

Haverland Heaters

Perfect for smaller apartments and houses to larger public buildings and facilities, the Haverland electric radiator range varies in size and power, ensuring an ideal model for any setting. Heater Shop has available stylish and compact Haverland conservatory radiators alongside the Inerzia range, both warming difficult-to-heat areas. The pilot wire models are great for less frequented areas, whereas the ULTRAD’s flexibility keep energy consumption down during constant usage.

The Haverland collection covers the market with fit for purpose solutions, utilising energy-saving technology to keep wastage and costs down. All products are Lot 20 compliant and feature pre-set temperature settings for safety and improved comfort. The electric radiators feature state-of-the-art energy management systems with high precision chrono-thermostatic control. Employing a full electrical central heating system with Haverland will involve zone by zone heating control, aided by onboard digital programmers to tailor the heating to the users preference.

Haverland Towel Rails

Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland’s towel rails are aesthetically exquisite, featuring the traditional ladder design but employing modern automation. They come with an extended warranty and their longevity is self-assured through the safety limiter and overheat detection sensors.

The models have a surface-temperature which is safe to touch and is protected from cold temperatures with an anti-freeze pre-set programme. Haverland’s high IP rated models are safe from moisture and deterioration whislt also offering quick and silent heating. Their recycled aluminium and steel bodies are top of the range, utilising dynamic elements for fast and efficient towel warming. Superior comfort, sleek design and noiseless; invest in Haverland for a tailored heating solution.

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Haverland TOD Data Sheet

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Haverland TOD Manual

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IGLU Manual

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Frequently asked questions

The brackets that come with the Haverland Conservatory Electric Radiator are very simple to fit. There is an illustrative diagram and how to on page 14 of the Haverland RC12B Instruction Guide.

Haverland radiators are supplied with a moulded 13A fused plug for UK use. Radiators without plugs are designed to be connected to a Phase / Neutral terminal; there is no connection to ground. For the electronic radiators, the pilot wire must be connected if necessary. It is preferential to have a circuit breaker on each heating circuit, separated from the rest of the electric system.

The surface of the radiators should be cleaned using warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Abrasive, solvents and spray cleaners – such as those intended for cleaning tiles and counter tops – should never be used as they can have a damaging effect on the finish of radiators. Clean especially at the start of winter, to avoid burning any dust accumulated during the summer.

Haverland electric radiators, come in five different power ratings. The output is the power consumed by the heating element in a one hour period otherwise known as a kilowatt hour (kWh). Multiplying your proposed consumption by the cost of each kWh will give you the maximum cost. The thermostat and heating element will switch off and on as the temperature in the room rises and falls, during the Comfort mode. The Economy setting is the unoccupied period, which should be set to a lower temperature to avoid unnecessary heating.

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Haverland RCA, RCB, RCTT, RCTTi & RCE ranges of electric wall mounted radiators and conservatory radiators.

The Haverland conservatory electric gel filled heater is the best heater for a conservatory as heating a conservatory in the winter can be an issue. Connecting a conservatory radiator to central heating is never a good option as it doesn't meet current Part L building regulations due to the significant heat loss. Haverland conservatory electric radiators are the best option for heating your conservatory as they can be installed easily to low level walls and very low dwarf walls with quick fit brackets providing the best economical heating.

The stunning Haverland RC12B electric conservatory radiator is hugely efficient and combines both radiant and convection heat. It's short height makes it ideal for conservatories, garden rooms, and mounting on dwarf walls. The Haverland conservatory electric heater offers exceptional functions including an upwards control panel and three heating modes including frost protection.

Product reviews

4.897% Positive (250 reviews)

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Trusted Customer
8 June 2021 19:33

Haverland RC10TT - Electric Radiator, 1250W

cannot test till winter but they look great and were east to install

View product

a great service. delivery ontime.every thing went to plan

Thank you. We really appreciate your positive comments about our services.


Andrew Irvine
4 April 2021 14:37

Haverland RC6TT - Electric Radiator, 750W

Great design, heats space really well.

We are glad to hear you are happy with your new heater.

View product

Great price, quick delivery.

Thank you for your positive comments about our service.


Trusted Customer
31 March 2021 21:16

Haverland RC13BL 1500W Electric Conservatory Heater 1170mm 13 Elements

Good value for money and looks good provides the heat we needed so we can get more use out of our conservatory

View product

The service was excellent heater was delivered the day after order well packaged

Thank you for your great review on our services and products. We really appreciate it.


Michael Bailey
23 March 2021 08:18

Haverland RC10TT - Electric Radiator, 1250W

Has warmed a cold room with two North facing walls. Mounted the heater in the coldest corner and it has warned the whole room. Have used the timer programme with the help of the full user manual from the internet. Have not seen the impact on electricity bills yet but previous reviews have said its quite efficient so fingers crossed.

View product

Best price for the Haverland heater I bought, good comms and it arrived when expected. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind comments! We appreciate positive feedback from our valued customers :)


Trusted Customer
23 March 2021 07:52

Haverland RC11BL 1250W Electric Conservatory Heater 1010mm 11 Elements

Impressive control system, well built and works well

View product

Heater arrived extremely well packaged on a next day delivery. A quality piece of equipment

We are delighted to hear you are happy with this product and our delivery service! Thank you.


Gareth Williams
13 March 2021 20:22

Haverland RC10TT - Electric Radiator, 1250W

Did the job well. I'm going to save up for another one.

View product

Prices were cheaper than in other website, quick delivery and the customer service was useful in helping me choose which heater to buy, and they have an extensive range.

Great to hear, thank you very much for the fantastic feedback.


Jeffrey Davis, Ledbury
2 March 2021 07:04

Haverland ULTRAD-6 Smart Electric Radiator, 1000W

Good efficient heater with I energy saving modes

View product

Th heater arrived on time when expected. It is a very efficient electric heater but the control modes could be explained better

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for taking the time to leave great feedback.


Nick Siddall
28 February 2021 07:57

Haverland RC4TT - Electric Radiator, 500W

Easy to install and simple to use great all round radiator

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Haverland RC12TT - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Easy to install and easy to operate and customers love them.

View product

Good easy to use website with plent of product detail and fast delivery.
What more could you want?

Thank you very much for the really great review of our easy to use website.
We try to ensure that our customers are as informed as possible about our products to make informed decisions for what they need.


Luke Fletcher
23 February 2021 07:41

Haverland RC12TT - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Great heater, really does the job well and using much less electricity than the previous one we had

View product

Very prompt delivery and product just as expected. Would recommend

Thank you for your fantastic comments and recommendation.


Trusted Customer
17 February 2021 06:33

Haverland Simply-8 White Electric Radiator, 1200W, 8 Elements

Good enough .....


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