Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland Electric Heaters

Founded in 1971 originating in the iron and steel industrial sector, Haverland have over 40 years experience in manufacturing heating systems and are a proud market leader in R&D and innovation.

Haverland is an internationally trusted brand, specialising in energy efficient products for commercial and household heating applications.

Haverland have a simple business strategy: they are passionate about what they do, and take pride in ensuring that consumers deserve only the best!

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Frequently asked questions

Are the brackets simple to fit on my Haverland RCB Conservatory Radiator?

The brackets that come with the Haverland Conservatory Electric Radiator are very simple to fit. There is an illustrative diagram and how to on page 14 of the Haverland RC12B Instruction Guide.

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How are the Haverland radiators connected?

Haverland radiators are supplied with a moulded 13A fused plug for UK use. Radiators without plugs are designed to be connected to a Phase / Neutral terminal; there is no connection to ground. For ...

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How do I clean my Haverland Electric Radiators

The surface of the radiators should be cleaned using warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Abrasive, solvents and spray cleaners – such as those intended for cleaning tiles and ...

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What are the running costs of Haverland Electric radiators?

Haverland electric radiators, come in five different power ratings. The output is the power consumed by the heating element in a one hour period otherwise known as a kilowatt hour (kWh). Multiplyin...

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What side is the flex/power lead on for Haverland electric radiators?

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Haverland RCA, RCB, RCTT, RCTTi & RCE ranges of electric wall mounted radiators and conservatory radiators.

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Why is the Haverland conservatory electric heater the best heater for a conservatory?

The Haverland conservatory electric gel filled heater is the best heater for a conservatory as heating a conservatory in the winter can be an issue. Connecting a conservatory radiator to central he...

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Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
7 December 2018 15:58

Haverland RC8TT - Electric Radiator, 1000W

Works well but I have also have a Rointe which is better. But does the job OK and looks OK.

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quick delivery no problems


Trusted Customer
6 December 2018 21:33

Haverland RC13BL 1500W Electric Conservatory Heater 1170mm 13 Elements

Heater works extremely well, creates a cosy feel to the conservatory and has a modern appearance. Haverland are a quaity product, easy to install and operate.

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Delivery was swift and efficient, we were particularly impressed by how well packaged the item was, so often have received items which are chipped, dented or marked. The Heater Company is obviously keen to ensure products arrive safely for their customers. Product was exactly as described of high quality and suitable to heat a 4x4 metre Conservatory with ease. Would recommend this Company.


Brian Wytcherley
5 December 2018 06:45

Haverland TE425E - Electric Towel Rail Radiator, 425W

At the moment it seems expensive to run

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Excellent for immediate delivery

Thank you very much for the great review of our delivery service.


Tony Campion
4 December 2018 15:56

Haverland RC13BL 1500W Electric Conservatory Heater 1170mm 13 Elements

All working well and good. I've moved my office into the conservatory which was the original idea.

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I had absolutely nothing to complain about! I got exactly what I ordered and the delivery was expected between 0910 and 1010 and the doorbell rang at 0910!
Installation was simple (I had experience with two similar radiators for my daughter purchased earlier this year).

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review of our service and free next day delivery.


Alan Champion
26 November 2018 11:41

Haverland RC6TT - Electric Radiator, 750W

Good price. Very fussy settings compared with Rointe. But it's smarter looking and cheaper by a long way than the Rointe.

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Great price. Great service. Excellent delivery.

Thank you very much for the great 5 star review.

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