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Reina Valves


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Radiator valves allow you to control the heat output of a radiator so that each room can be set to its own desired temperature. Different radiator valves do different jobs so it’s important that you choose the right radiator valve for your radiator.

Most radiators do not come with the valves supplied. A radiator valve is often on display; therefore we have a wide range of styles and designs to match your radiator and home.

Matching the style of your radiator

Radiators can be an important investment for your home, so you'll want to find something stylish to complement it. There are many of designs and styles to pick from available in many colours.

Difference between straight valves and angled valves

Not all radiator valves are the same so knowing what the differences between them are is important to make sure that you get the right type. You can determine which valves you will need by looking at where your valve inlets are on the radiator.

Straight Radiator Valves

These connect to your central heating from the pipe which comes up through the floor.

Angled Radiator Valves

Angled valves have become very popular in the last few years. They have a 90 degree angle that allows you to join it to the inlet valve horizontally or vertically. These are most often used when the pipes come out from a wall such as when you are installing a towel rail.

Installing Radiator Valves

We would recommend that you get a qualified plumber to install your new valves, unless you are experienced with DIY and a have a good knowledge of plumbing.

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