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Electric Heating for Hallways

June 21, 2016 Jake

Its 5:35pm as you pull up to the driveway after a monotonous journey home- when you finally open the front door only to be greeted by... the dreaded hallway.

The first thing you want when you simply step into your home, is for it just not to be cold. A welcoming warmth in the air is desired when you enter your humble abode - all of which, is actually very achievable in order to attain the balmy goal.

Why is my Hallway Cold?

To begin with, you must understand why there is a problem. It may seem like a small area, but the hallway is the gateway to your home offering a lot of open space, with stairways and landings to think about.

Heating your hallway can be a challenge, but with this handy article we have made it easy!

For heating an open area, you want quality and eminence. At Heatershop we have a range of fantastic radiators with our top three electric radiators which particularly stand out for their high performance and superiority- emphatically, perfect for heating your hallway and not disappointing at any time of the year.

Elnur RFE for your Hallway

Elnur RFE Electric Radiator Range

The Elnur RFE is an oil-filled and wall-mounted electric radiator which uses EcoFluid technology. Based on an optimum thermal inertia and heat transfer through and environmentally friendly fluid, with a neutral composition and high thermal stability.

The Elnur RFE Range offers an electronic chrono-thermostat that allows you to set the ideal temperature during the day or night. An added electronic programmer also which allows you to pre-set the operation mode each 30 minutes of the day, every day of the week.


09-Feb-2016 Feefo review: "Heaters look absolutely brill & the tenants love them , this is in a maisonette with only one of these downstairs (hall) & one upstairs , what we're finding is the downstairs one cuts in & out on its thermostat & does all the work with heat wafting throughout , meaning the upstairs one rarely comes on but the flats toasty warm everywhere , this in an all electric situation (economy 7) & winter usage seems to be resulting in £3 / £4 day , with light / cooking / water heating . This will , (even though really happy at this) be reduced a bit (maybe a £1 off) as at the moment have 30 x 50w halogen bulbs & these are being changed too led's today . Electricity usage spring / summertime once heaters are off expected to be £1 a day"

Rointe Kyros for your Hallway

Rointe Kyros Electric Radiator Range

The Rointe Kyros offers the opportunity to enjoy the most complete and modern radiator with a compact finish. It’s modern appearance and patented 'Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology', provides up to 62% savings in power consumption compared with other technologies -ideal for installation in any hallway.

The products in the Rointe Kyros range incorporate exclusive ULP8 (Ultra Low Power microcontrollers) which together with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, guarantee a greater efficiency, therefore a notable saving in their equivalent ratio of consumption.

You can enjoy the entire Rointe Kyros range with a renewed and exclusive design and a modern up-to-date look, as style does not have to be at the cost of comfort or technology. With Rointe Kyros, you benefit from the Rointe maximum quality guarantee; greater energy efficiency and the wellbeing that you desire.


09-Feb-2016 Feefo review: "Had previously had Rointe 550W heater but not quite adequate for our room-space so have now got Kyros 770W - what a difference this had made to our room. Will have to monitor extra electricity used over a period of time but when we had the 550W heater installed we saved 500 kw on our annual electricity bill."

Haverland RCTT for your Hallways

Haverland RCTT Electric Radiator Range

Moving away from conventional central heating systems, the brilliant Designer RCTT wall-mounted electric heater range is the way forward. Using 'clean technology' to keep your interior decor stain, soot and dust free this electric radiator is perfect for hallways and large spaces.

The Designer RCTT radiators have an innovative new function of a built-in energy monitor, which allows you to make significant savings simply by reducing the temperature settings by 1 or 2 degrees. The high precision electronic chrono- thermostatic control and zone by zone heating control provides an enhanced radiant performance.

With guarantees including as the 10 year radiator block seal guarantee, as well as 7 pre-set programs, and programmable option makes this a hugely popular choice.


10-Apr-2016 Feefo review: "Have only had the radiator for a short while, it's used in my son's room which is located over the garage and gets cold at night. The radiator is placed beneath the window and looks great and really easy to operate. It's set to automatically come on to ensure room doesn't drop below 18.5 degree's and so far it is doing that job admirable. I have a separate digital thermometer in the room and the room is keeping comfortable over night. I like that you can switch radiator display between the time and temperature and of course switch the display off too, the latter essential for bedrooms. "

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