Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators

30 Year WarrantyLot 20
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
Electrorad Aeroflow Electric Radiators
ModelHeats Up ToWattageDimensionsPriceQty
Electrorad AF01 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 650WAF01 LOT20
QF #: 13826
6 m²650 W380 x 610 x 90 mm
£344.40 exc VAT
Heats Up To6 m²
Wattage650 W
Dimensions380 x 610 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF03 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1300WAF03 LOT20
QF #: 13827
13 m²1300 W680 x 610 x 90 mm
£387.33 exc VAT
Heats Up To13 m²
Wattage1300 W
Dimensions680 x 610 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000WAF05 LOT20
QF #: 13828
20 m²2000 W980 x 610 x 90 mm
£419.06 exc VAT
Heats Up To20 m²
Wattage2000 W
Dimensions980 x 610 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF07 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2500WAF07 LOT20
QF #: 13829
25 m²2500 W1280 x 610 x 90 mm
£465.73 exc VAT
Heats Up To25 m²
Wattage2500 W
Dimensions1280 x 610 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF10 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1600WAF10 LOT20
QF #: 13830
16 m²1600 W380 x 1250 x 90 mm
£484.96 exc VAT
Heats Up To16 m²
Wattage1600 W
Dimensions380 x 1250 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF12 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1200WAF12 LOT20
QF #: 13831
12 m²1200 W980 x 300 x 90 mm
£387.33 exc VAT
Heats Up To12 m²
Wattage1200 W
Dimensions980 x 300 x 90 mm
Electrorad AF14 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000WAF14 LOT20
QF #: 13832
20 m²2000 W1580 x 300 x 90 mm
£484.40 exc VAT
Heats Up To20 m²
Wattage2000 W
Dimensions1580 x 300 x 90 mm
Electrorad AFGATE Aeroflow WiFi GatewayAFGATE WiFi Gateway
QF #: 14015
£131.60 exc VAT
Heater Shop

Key Features

Amazing 30 year warrantyHighly accurate thermostat
Multiple 7 day timers for 24 hour controlLarge grille for fast heat distribution
Feet available for optional freestanding fittingFireclay core, implementing radiation and convection heating
Energy-saving technologies: Open window detection, Adaptive startLCD screen with digitised buttons
Lot 20 compliantNo maintenance, No smell, No exhaust gases


Electrorad Aeroflow

The Electrorad Aeroflow sports a traditional design, fitting elegantly into any residential home or conservatory. The large topside grille is classical and provides effective air-flow throughout the space; its complimented by the fluted steel body, a comfortable and safety approved design.

Electrorad was recently awarded a gold medal for design; the Aeroflow’s simplicity and ease of use a defining factor. The LCD screen display readings are accurate to a tenth of a degree and the digitised buttons allow for personalisation of programmable settings. The radiators come with a variable radio antenna to provide control remotely and WIFI adaptation.

The variation in shapes of the separate models allow the Aeroflow to suit a conservatory or specific scenarios. The design of the electric radiator offers quick and easy self-installation; provided is an instruction manual and installation template.


Electrorad Aeroflow

With multiple seven-day timers and 24-hour control this radiator ensure optimisation of your household heating solution. Whether your schedule is 9 to 5 or different day to day, you can programme the radiator to your specifications. This efficiency can be enhanced through the addition of the electro AFGATE WIFI gateway providing total control of your heating remotely from a Smartphone or tablet.

The inbuilt Open window detection system helps the Aeroflow cope with rapid drops in temperature. If the room temperature becomes imbalanced, the radiator will pause and appropriately alter its heat output. This minimises energy wastage and improves the comfort and performance of the radiator.


Electrorad Aeroflow

Electrorad Aeroflow’s Adaptive Start function will ensure the room temperature is appropriate to its setting at the time it is required for. It will constantly monitor room temperature and pre-emptively activate. This is different to the standard on/off function as it offers a more intelligent heating solution, improving efficiency and performance.

The German fireclay core technology offers the highest quality convention and radiator dual-heating system, able to distribute warmth quickly and effectively around the area. The Electrorad provides addition feet for an optional freestanding fitting, ideal for conservatory heating where wall space can be limited. The fireclay core will warm without drying the surrounding air, its protection of heated elements is superior to traditional storage and fan heaters.

For a slim and energy-efficient radiator, the Electrorad Aeroflow range is an excellent replacement for outdated models. Offering the longest warranty length available, this radiator will become a welcome permanent addition.

Heater Shop supplies the highest quality electric radiators, and if you have any queries we have our technical team on hand to assist, simply call us on 01473 276686.


ModelRating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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Customer reviews


Mrs Linda Rogers
14 July 2019 13:54

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Good quality looking fire and would buy again

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Very helpful with all the information we needed

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for your feedback.


Trevor Sparks, Diss
17 April 2019 08:59

Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Happy in every respect - just a great heater with simple, programmable control.

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Good, sound and individualised advice.

Thank you for the great comments and 5 star review, it is very much appreciated.


Nigel Ross
16 April 2019 08:25

Electrorad AF03 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1300W

Fantastic heaters fast warm up and performance

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Electrorad AF05 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Fantastic heaters keeps the room really warm

View product

Fantastic service and delivery

Thank you for the really great feedback and recommendation to others, it is very much apprecaited.


G. S. S., Barnstaple
21 March 2019 09:39

Electrorad AF12 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1200W

A high quality product which delivers everything and more than we expected in performance and appearance.

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A first class service from beginning to end, from advising on the best radiator for our requirements, to delivering it exactly on time and at a very competitive price. I will certainly be using them again when the need arises.


Trusted Customer
6 March 2019 08:16

Electrorad AFGATE Aeroflow WiFi Gateway

Good product - does what it is meant to. Quite expensive.

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Thank you for the fantastic review of our service.