Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi

10 Year WarrantyWi-Fi CompatibleLot 20
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
Haverland ULTRAD Electric Radiators, Smart & WiFi
ModelRooms Up ToWattageDimensionsNo. of FinsPriceStockQty
Haverland ULTRAD-3 - Smart Electric Radiator, 500WULTRAD-3
QF #: 12864
5 m²
500 W
425 x 585 x 100 mm
£239.99 exc VAT
Rooms Up To5 m²
Wattage500 W
Dimensions425 x 585 x 100 mm
No. of Fins3
Haverland ULTRAD-5 - Smart Electric Heaters, 750WULTRAD-5
QF #: 12865
7 m²
750 W
625 x 585 x 100 mm
£280.99 exc VAT
Rooms Up To7 m²
Wattage750 W
Dimensions625 x 585 x 100 mm
No. of Fins5
Haverland ULTRAD-6 1000W Smart Electric Radiator 725mm 6 ElementsULTRAD-6
QF #: 12866
10 m²
1000 W
725 x 585 x 100 mm
£330.45 exc VAT
Rooms Up To10 m²
Wattage1000 W
Dimensions725 x 585 x 100 mm
No. of Fins6
Haverland ULTRAD-8 - Haverland Wifi Radiators, 1250WULTRAD-8
QF #: 12867
12 m²
1250 W
925 x 585 x 100 mm
£360.30 exc VAT
Rooms Up To12 m²
Wattage1250 W
Dimensions925 x 585 x 100 mm
No. of Fins8
Haverland ULTRAD-9 - Smart Heaters, 1500WULTRAD-9
QF #: 12868
15 m²
1500 W
1025 x 585 x 100 mm
£383.99 exc VAT
Rooms Up To15 m²
Wattage1500 W
Dimensions1025 x 585 x 100 mm
No. of Fins9
Haverland ULTRAD - SmartBox Wi-Fi ControllerSMARTBOX
QF #: 12871
£53.33 exc VAT
Heater Shop

Key Features of the Haverland Ultrad

10-year guaranteeModern and sleek
Auto learning featureEasy to install
UK manufacturedExcellent value for money
Over heat safety functionAuto pre-heat
Smart Box system using Wi-Fi & AppLot 20 compliant

Look and Feel

The ULTRAD is designed for the best performance and efficiency in any home or work place. Its slim aluminium body is attractive, light and warms evenly.

The frame is designed to help move the air through the unit. Hot air is then pushed through the grille to deliver maximum comfort. Readings and customised settings are displayed on the ULTRAD’s blue screen.

Easy to install with no date or time set-up required. The heater’s self-learning will automatically optimise your week's schedule and every hour of the day can be customised through the Haverland app. Wall mounting brackets and an installation template is provided to ensure the ULTRAD is placed in the best position for comfort and performance.


The ULTRAD’s learning mode will learn the owner’s schedule and will automatically repeat patterns. This is assisted by the move detect function, cycling through three modes of varying output.

Comfort mode will be active when the owner is present. If no-one has been detected after 30 minutes, the eco mode will be triggered which lowers the output. If the room is unused during the day, the ULTRAD will trigger an anti-frost mode. This function is available in sensor mode or learning mode which improves efficiency over time. The ULTRAD takes just one week to learn a user’s optimal schedule.


The ULTRAD features a forced mode which involves the free smart phone app. The user can manually select which heat setting they desire between Comfort, Eco and Anti-frost. The unit will remain at this temperature until changed manually. WiFi features are available through the Haverland Smart Box which links to the home’s router. Each device can be paired with the unit, giving full control over all ULTRAD’s.

The free app lets the user to see the status of each unit, their past and present energy usage levels, and their current heat mode. Changing them remotely is quick and easy, including scheduled changes for each hour throughout the week.

The ULTRAD is safe for children and the elderly because of its thermal safety limiter. It keeps surfaces at a safe level and reduces risk of overheating.

There are many models available, capable of heating small to large rooms. As the heaters can work together, the largest rooms can be heated effectively using multiple ULTRADs.


ModelRating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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