Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators

New20 Year WarrantyWi-Fi Compatible3 Pin Plug
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Electric Radiators
ModelRooms Up ToWattageDimensionsNo. of FinsPriceStockQty
Rointe D Series DIA0330ROV - Electric Radiator, 330W, 3 ElementsDIA0330ROV
QF #: 14535
3 m²
330 W
350 x 585 x 97 mm
£319.80 exc VAT
Rooms Up To3 m²
Wattage330 W
Dimensions350 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins3
Rointe D Series DIA0550ROV Electric Radiator, 550W, 5 ElementsDIA0550ROV
QF #: 14536
5 m²
550 W
510 x 585 x 97 mm
£406.25 exc VAT
Rooms Up To5 m²
Wattage550 W
Dimensions510 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins5
Rointe D Series DIA0770ROV Electric Radiator, 770W, 7 ElementsDIA0770ROV
QF #: 14537
7 m²
770 W
675 x 585 x 97 mm
£493.35 exc VAT
Rooms Up To7 m²
Wattage770 W
Dimensions675 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins7
Rointe D Series DIA0990ROV Electric Radiator, 990W, 9 ElementsDIA0990ROV
QF #: 14538
9 m²
990 W
835 x 585 x 97 mm
£581.10 exc VAT
Rooms Up To9 m²
Wattage990 W
Dimensions835 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins9
Rointe D Series DIA1210ROV Electric Radiator, 1210W, 11 ElementsDIA1210ROV
QF #: 14539
12 m²
1210 W
992 x 585 x 97 mm
£672.10 exc VAT
Rooms Up To12 m²
Wattage1210 W
Dimensions992 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins11
Rointe D Series DIA1430ROV Electric Radiator, 14300W, 13 ElementsDIA1430ROV
QF #: 14540
14 m²
1430 W
1160 x 585 x 97 mm
£758.55 exc VAT
Rooms Up To14 m²
Wattage1430 W
Dimensions1160 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins13
Rointe D Series DIA1600ROV Electric Radiator, 1600W, 15 ElementsDIA1600ROV
QF #: 14541
16 m²
1600 W
1320 x 585 x 97 mm
£845.00 exc VAT
Rooms Up To16 m²
Wattage1600 W
Dimensions1320 x 585 x 97 mm
No. of Fins15

Key features of the Rointe D Series DesignLine Radiators

Available in 6 special finishes - Full list below20-year body warranty
3-year electric components warrantyWi-Fi Controllable
Comes with fitted plug but can be hard wiredNo maintenance required
Fast processors to improve performance & efficiencyLow energy consumption technology
Pre-installed programsLockable keypad
Visual menus via 1.77" TFT screenExcellent build quality

Add a touch of class to your homes interior with the new DESIGNLINE range of luxury radiators and towel rails from Rointe. Inspired by you, Rointe have created colours and styles that will add that finishing touch to your home. Not only do these radiators and towel rails look amazing, they are also energy efficient.

These luxury towel rails and radiators have been crafted by specialists who are meticulous in their work in order to create a work of art. Each item is individually unique as these products are specially made to order, so no two pieces are exactly the same. Using precious metals such as copper and nickel along with oxidised and marble effects, the Rointe DESIGNLINE is second to none.


    Not only does the radiator look top class, it also features a host of technological features that enable incredible control, such as the Rointe Connect App which allows you to completely control your devices from anywhere in the world, as well as the ability to see detailed stats such as consumption, costs and you can even change the background colour to suit your mood.

    You are also able to fully control your radiators via the 1.77” TFT control panel. The Rointe D Series radiators are easily programmable 24 hours, 7 days a week. The new control mode available via the access menu has been designed to facilitate the ease of use and programming of the D series range. These menus have been designed using identifiable icons for easy recognition, improving accessibility and enabling access to all functions.

    All radiators are easy to install with a single room installation needing only a 13-amp socket. The fixtures and fittings are included with every unit along with a fitting template which shows you where holes should be drilled, and screws inserted.

    For more information on installation, look at our installation tab where you can download a copy of the installation guide and template.

    The Rointe D Series radiators are ideal for small to large rooms and can heat areas ranging from 3m² up to 16m².

    As well as the DesignLine range, the Rointe D Series radiators are available in many different colours and finishes; white, a black and the RAL colours range.


    Rointe D Series radiators make use of "Fuzzy Logic Energy Control", a low consumption energy saving technology which allows the optimisation of the radiator’s power consumption. Originally developed by the R&D department of Rointe and applied to the D Series Radiators, the use of Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology was tested by independent laboratories and proven to save up to 62% in comparison to heating devices with no thermostat.

    The “True Real Power” electricity reading allows you to see individual products or your full installation’s real energy consumption at any time.


    A few of the modes offered are as follows:

    • De-icing Mode
    • Eco Mode
    • Comfort Mode
    • New User Mode
    • Open windows function

    There is also User Mode, a new function which allows the user to restrict the radiator’s temperature ranges, avoiding incorrect use that would increase consumption and thus increase your bill at the end of the month.

    Full list of DesignLine finishes

    • Amazon Green Oxide
    • Damascus Blackened Gold
    • Glacier White Marble
    • Maldives Black Copper
    • Detroit Smooth Oxide
    • Tokyo Satin Oxide

    Please note that for all Rointe DesignLine radiators, expected delivery is between 4-6 weeks.

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