Dimplex BR - Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail

Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail
Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail
Dimplex BR150C Chrome 150W Electric / 320W Water Ladder Towel RailBR150C
QF #: 13186
Chrome430 x 665 x 155 mm150 W
£283.05 exc VAT
Dimensions430 x 665 x 155 mm
Wattage150 W
Dimplex BR350C Chrome 350W Electric / 750W Water Ladder Towel RailBR350C
QF #: 13187
Chrome630 x 1003 x 155 mm350 W
£357.50 exc VAT
Dimensions630 x 1003 x 155 mm
Wattage350 W
Dimplex BR400W White 400W Electric Ladder Towel RailBR400W
QF #: 13188
White630 x 1003 x 155 mm400 W
£271.19 exc VAT
Dimensions630 x 1003 x 155 mm
Wattage400 W
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Key Features of the Dimplex BR

  • 2 years warranty
  • Curved ladder design increases storage space
  • Sealed, liquid-filled steel shell
  • Water glycol filled
  • Dual Fuel Heated
  • Chrome finish, white also available
  • IPX5 rating splash-proof
  • Easy installation with supplied wall-mounting brackets
  • 1 metre of electrical cable pre-fitted
  • Lot 20 compliance


For a different yet highly effective design, go for the Dimplex BR. It maximises storage available and provides a high output of heat. It features no external controls therefore is tamper-proof, and no expensive adapters are needed as the connections for plumbing are provided.

The design is splash-proof, and there is a choice of colours, both chrome and white powder coat. Installation is quick and simple with fittings and a marking template provided.


Even when the boiler is off, the dual fuel Dimplex BR can use its electric element to provide instant heat. The dual fuel model is able to provide a higher output than standard electric models, it therefore suitable for a larger room at a smaller cost of wall space. The heater is Lot 20 approved, meaning it fulfills an ethical, economical and affordable quota.


The multi-purpose BR offers a stylish and quiet heating solution. It can connect to Dimplex’s radio frequency controllers, adjustable through FSCC/FSCW controls.

Take full control of your household heating by employing Dimplex heaters and monitoring them all from one device. The product is more than an accessory, it’s a lifestyle choice. The dual fuel Dimplex BR can be connected to a thermostat and/or timer to deliver accurate and energy efficient heating to an important zone of the house. Keep yourself and your towels warm, adding that necessary extra bit of comfort.

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Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
25 November 2017 09:38

Dimplex BR150C Chrome 150W Electric / 320W Water Ladder Towel Rail

When used in eco mode the towel rail takes a while to heat up. I now switch it on in ‘normal’ mode then switch it eco after my shower.

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Speedy service with no problems.

Fantastic, thank you for the great 5 star review.


Trusted Customer
5 February 2017 15:44

Dimplex BR350C Chrome 350W Electric / 750W Water Ladder Towel Rail

Perfect for drying used towels and heating bathroom

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Excellent price and delivery on time and friendly.

Thank you very much for your great feedback of our service and fast delivery.

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