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At Heater Shop, we provide a broad choice of thermostats, all of which are suited for a number of installations and are able to feel the temperatures of the floor in addition to the air around them. Models from a selection of your chosen manufacturers and brands, including ProWarm, Raychem, Devi, Harmoni, and Danfoss, are included here. This encompasses everything, from the simplest programmable thermostats to the most advanced smart thermostats now available.

There is a wide variety of thermostats that can be purchased in this day and age may be placed into one of these four categories: manual, digital, WIFI, or smart. Many models offer a variety of features such as the following:

  • Energy Saving Functions
  • Touchscreen
  • App Control
  • Pre-set Programming
  • Custom programming

Our Range

Here, you can find a number of different thermostats from which you can make your choice. These are offered in a variety of hues, curves, and dimensions, all of which can be selected from. Every single electric stat that we offer for sale is accompanied by a guarantee that is valid for a minimum of two years. You will discover that the length of the warranty, in the majority of cases, is longer than two years. The items listed below are some of our most popular and well-known offerings.

Best for Price

The Harmoni Pro-E WiFi Thermostat provides an exceptional amount of value in comparison to the cost of the product. It is designed with flair, both in terms of its modern style and its white backlight. A high-tech, programmable timer is already included in its standard features. Because of this, you will have the power to manage the temperature of your underfloor heating in an accurate and comprehensive manner. When you have control of the situation to this degree, wasting energy and heating are things of the past. That is not the conclusion of the matter. In addition to that, it possesses a setting that guards against the onset of frost. In the case that there is a frost, it will turn on automatically to protect your home from the freezing temperatures that are present. In addition to its other capabilities, it enables you to determine the highest temperature that the floor is capable of reaching when using it.

Best for Style

This is a difficult issue to answer given the large number of products that could be considered contenders for this category. Finally, we were able to narrow it down to only two stats thanks to everyone's hard work. These two items are known by their respective names, namely the ProWarm Protouch and the Harmoni 100 Plus. Both variants provide for complete command of the WiFi connection. Both of them are able to sense the air around them as well as the floor, and one of them can be managed by an application on a mobile device. Nevertheless, each of them possesses distinctive qualities that set them apart from the others and differentiate them from one another. At this time, the winner begins to gain ground on the rest of the competition. When it comes to the functionality of their software, the Harmoni app is leagues ahead of the other apps in its category.

Customers can obtain it through the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. It is simple to set up and straightforward in terms of pairing with other electronic gadgets. It gives you control over the heating as well as the programmes and everything else that you would normally expect to be able to do. You can do anything that you would expect to be able to do. The fact that real-time figures on energy use and consumption are readily available, was the aspect that swayed our decision.

Best for Functionality

This was a good easy one for us as there is one in particular that stands out when there is a crowd around. The Raychem Green Leaf in its entirety. Because it is so modern, chic, and elegant, this will look fantastic in any house that you put it in. In addition to having a great aesthetic, it also performs extremely effectively in its intended purpose. In addition to having modes that are already pre-programmed, it also comes with a timer that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Have a look at the video that can be found further down on this page for even more information on how beautifully energy efficient it is:

Why use Heater Shop?

We prioritise the needs of our patrons. Our main concern is to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met, and this priority is reflected in the items we procure, the services we provide, and the quality checks we carry out. This means that we are making certain that we offer products that are suitable for all types of styles and budgets, that our products are delivered on time and in perfect shape, and that we are actively seeking reviews and feedback from our customers. We consider the evaluations and criticism that we get to be your voice, and we like listening to it. It reveals not just what we are doing correctly, but also what we are doing incorrectly, which enables us to continually assess and enhance the procedures we have in place.

We offer a wide variety of products. These are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and colours. All products have a minimum of 1 year warranty, but most of our products will carry more, some up to 30 years. We offer free next day delivery service to most of the UK, no matter how much or how little you spend, and we also offer a no quibble 14-day return policy. If you change your mind, simply return your product in its original condition and we will issue a refund. Moreover, we offer price match promise so we guarantee that if you do find one of our products cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price.

If you’d like to find out more about our thermostats, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 276686 who will be on hand to help with your query.

Delivery Times

Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer free next day delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free, next day delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01473 276686.