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Electrorad Vanguard Electric Radiators

Electrorad Vanguard radiators are lightweight, ultra modern looking electric radiators and a great addition to any room. Coated in a mica ceramic core to produce a very even heat transfer to the radiator surface area and great heat retention.

The Electrorad Vanguard range is a continental style aluminium electric radiator providing rapid heat up with a very modern look. The built-in digital electronic room thermostat will maintain your room temperature very accurately and also includes a timing system to allow each radiator to be on only when required.

Why choose Electrorad Vanguard radiators?

  • 100% efficient at turning energy input into heat output.
  • 9 factory pre-set programs
  • Constructed from Aluminium for rapid heat up and lightness
  • Mica coated ceramic core producing an even heat transfer

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