Elnur Ecombi Storage Heaters

Elnur Ecombi Storage Heaters
Elnur Ecombi Storage Heaters
ModelHeats Up ToWattageDimensionsPrice
Elnur ECO158 Ecombi Storage Heater 975W/450WECO158
QF #: 8476
4 m²450 W550 x 730 x 180 mm
Heats Up To4 m²
Wattage450 W
Dimensions550 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur ECO208 Ecombi Storage Heater 1300W/600WECO208
QF #: 8477
6 m²600 W660 x 730 x 180 mm
Heats Up To6 m²
Wattage600 W
Dimensions660 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur ECO308 Ecombi Storage Heater 1950W/900WECO308
QF #: 8478
8 m²900 W890 x 730 x 180 mm
Heats Up To8 m²
Wattage900 W
Dimensions890 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur ECO408 Ecombi Storage Heater 2600W/1200WECO408
QF #: 8479
10 m²1200 W1100 x 730 x 180 mm
Heats Up To10 m²
Wattage1200 W
Dimensions1100 x 730 x 180 mm
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The Elnur ECOMBI combines storage heating and direct heating high efficiency technology in energy consumption. Charging hours can be fully programmable daily and weekly, even if there are more than one charging period during the same day. Room temperature can be adjusted in a very accurate way to the user needs.

Why choose Elnur Ecombi storage heaters?

  • Silent performance
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option
  • Overheating protection at storage heating
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset
  • Aluminium convector heating element
  • Microtherm G 10mm insulation, vermiculite and ecological fibre
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive keypad with lock option
  • Daily and weekly programming
  • Deferred storage energy option
  • Frost protection, storage,combined storage and convection operation modes

By offering heat from two totally controlled and optimized sources to reduce the electric consumption expenses, this is off -peak on one side and also applying the highest technology in managing direct-acting electric heat on the other, ECOMBI provides the most cost effective source of heating in the market.

The different functions and options offered by ECOMBI, makes this solution in the most flexible and definitive choice in the world of the electric heating.

Besides this ECOMBI has been designed also to minimise the installation work, avoiding the double work and making a quick and easy final fit assembly.

Product downloads

Elnur Ecombi Brochure

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Elnur Ecombi Sizing Guide

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