Elnur RXE Electric Radiators

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10 Year Warranty
Elnur RXE Electric Radiators
Elnur RXE Electric Radiators
Elnur RXE Electric Radiators
Elnur RXE Electric Radiators
Elnur RXE Electric Radiators
Product CodeWattageDimensionsNo. of FinsPrice
Elnur RX4E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 500WRX4E
QF #: 9033
500 W
415 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage500 W
Dimensions415 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins4
Elnur RX10E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 1250WRX10E
QF #: 9036
1250 W
895 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage1250 W
Dimensions895 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins10
Elnur RX12E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 1500WRX12E
QF #: 9037
1500 W
1055 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage1500 W
Dimensions1055 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins12
Elnur RX14E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 2000WRX14E
QF #: 9038
2000 W
1215 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage2000 W
Dimensions1215 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins14
Elnur RX6E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 750WRX6E
QF #: 9034
750 W
575 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage750 W
Dimensions575 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins6
Elnur RX8E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 1000WRX8E
QF #: 9035
1000 W
735 x 580 x 100 mm
Wattage1000 W
Dimensions735 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins8

Elnur's quest for continuous improvement has driven them over the years to invest in innovation and development to obtain maximum efficiency and performance in Elnur dry electric radiators. As a result of these research efforts and use of the most advanced technology, they have achieved excellent performance in their products and perfect temperature management control.

Why choose Elnur RXE electric radiators?

  • Lockable Keypad, prevents unwanted program changes.
  • Electronic Triac control optimizer ETCO.
  • Three-level mode temperature selector: Comfort, Economy and Frost-protection
  • Ratings from 500 W to 2000 W
  • Weekly / daily programmer.

EcoSeco Technology

The Eco seco technology does not use any type of thermal fluid or oil. Instead it generates heat via a primary heat transmitter, and the energy generated from this is captured by a secondary transmitter made of injected aluminium, which diffuses it, and increasing the surface area over which the heat extends.

Product downloads

Elnur RXE Brochure

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Frequently asked questions

Elnur EcoFluid

Yes, our Elnur RFE electric radiators use the EcoFluid technology. Based on an optimum thermal inertia and heat transfer through a low viscosity and environmentally friendly thermo fluid, with a neutral composition and high thermal stability.

The TBC & TBBi towel rails ranges both use a low density thermal fluid ensuring no maintenance is needed.

The ecofluid technology thermal radiators use a special high performance mineral thermal fluid, with a neutral composition and high thermal stability. It is non-corrosive and does not contain carbonisible substances, making it very environmentally friendly. Therefore recycling will not be an issue. These thermal radiators do not require liquid or gaseous fuels and they do not release any type of combustion or emission into the atmosphere. They use electricity as the safest, cleanest and most ecological option on the market.

Elnur RFE oil filled radiators are a safe, convenient and reliable source of heat for any home that is without gas central heating, or any time you want to heat a specific room independently of the rest of the house.

Available in a range of heat outputs and sizes, there is an Elnur RFE oil filled radiator or Elnur TBBI towel rail to suit every room.

Elnur RFE & RXE ranges feature user-friendly controls with a 24 hour digital timer.

The electronic programmer allows you to easily pre-set the operation mode for each thirty minutes of the day for every day of the week, this allows for precise independent temperature control in the various rooms of your home.

The keypad is lockable for added safety and has a built in electronic ambient thermostat with ± 0.1C accuracy.

The Elnur RFE electric radiators all have child locks on the settings panel to stop little hands from tinkering with your heating. The Elnur Connected range however, do not have a lock available on products in the range.

As per the Elnur installation manual, the minimum height for the Elnur electric radaitors to obtain optimum performance is 150mm off of ground level.

Also recommended is that there is a gap between any object to the right end of the radiator of 250mm and 150mm between a shelf mounted over the radiator or any flammable material surrounding the Elnur radiator.

The Elnur RXE range have a low surface temperature which will not exceed 43 degrees centigrade. Eliminating the likelihood of burning accidents to the elderly, disabled or children. 100% safe, it is perfect for use in care homes, nursing homes, clinics and nurseries and schools and has the NHS royal seal of approval.

Quite simply - oil filled, gel filled and dry electric radiators are all electrically efficient, but may be more appropriate for your installation depending on your specific requirements and the size of the room that needs heating.

Dry heaters are designed to heat up both quickly and efficiently whilst you are in the room, ensuring that no heat energy is wasted when you do not require it. An Oil or Gel filled heater on the other hand will take longer to heat up and release heat into a room, but will heat your room for longer even after being turned off as that retained heat is dispersed slower.

Oil filled radiators are also deemed to be safer than a dry electric radiator as air flow to dry radiators can be affected by dust - therefore they can overheat and can be hot to the touch for children and pets in comparison to an oil filled radiator. There are specific low surface temperature electric radiators available for dry technology, although these are not widely available – they are a fantastic option for those who prefer the dry technology electric radiator.

Gel filled radiator is very similar to the oil filled radiator, but uses a thermodynamic gel compound as an alternative to oil for heat diffusion around the internals of the radiators metal construction.

Please see our Which Electric Radiator should I choose? Gel filled? Oil filled? or Dry? article for further information.

Product reviews

4.7100% Positive (26 reviews)

Ratings based on data collected by third party reviewing platform.


Trusted Customer
15 October 2018 07:09

Unit required 8 screws to fix, only 4 were supplied. Probably a manufacturer issue not the supplier.

Service very swift.

Thank you very much for the positive feedback, we appreciate your comments.


Matt, Sheffield
4 March 2018 09:11

Elnur RX4E - Thermal Electric Radiator, 500W

Great heater, very slick and tidy, looks great in the little box room and heats it up quickly and balances the heat well, very energy efficient.

Brilliant, thank you very much for posting the picture of your new Elnur RXE digital thermal electric radiator, it looks really great.

Very efficient, kept to the promises in dispatch and then delivery.


Trusted Customer
5 December 2017 09:34

Good value for money. Easy to install.
Bought the Elnur radiator to replace an old storage heater in hair salon (25 square meters). Product is working fine and sufficiently heats the area.

Would definitely buy from the heater shop again. Happy with cost and level of service.

Thank you for taking the time to review our service and your new Elnur RXE 2000W digital thermal electric radiator.


Trusted Customer
28 September 2017 21:10

Great product, heats quickly and looks good. Thermostat works well and easy to programme

Very good product at a good price and delivery also well communicated.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review our service as excellent, we appreciate it.


julie Mclellandbrown
16 May 2017 07:38

Excellent service and product

Excellent and very quick service
Even got an upgrade st same price since item I ordered was out of stock.
Excellent product and looks great

That is really fantastic, thank you kindly for the 5 star review.


Nigel Hughes
11 April 2017 02:16

Good information good advice

That is great, thank you.
We are always here to help with any advice you may need.

Great customer service

Thank you very much for your fantastic review of our customer services, it is appreciated greatly.


Samantha Calardo
4 April 2017 08:35

These radiators heat up really fast and keep the room at a constant temperature without having to be on permanently excellent performance so much better than the old storage heaters I had before

These radiators are so fast to heat up and are more economical than the old storage heaters I had previously they will keep the room at temperature without being permanently on brilliant purchases

Thank you very much for your great review of the fantastic Elnur RXE 2000W digital thermal electric radiator, we appreciate your feedback greatly.


Trusted Customer
27 February 2017 20:10

Great product. Instructions clear. Spot on!

As described and delivered promptly. Spot on service and product.

That is great to hear, thank you very much for your terrific review.


Trusted Customer
16 January 2017 06:32

Had a telephone conversation with a Heater Shop representative who was very polite and professional. The heater was superbly packed and we had a prompt delivery.

Thank you for your great review of our service and excellent rating.


Tony Ellerker
11 December 2016 22:54

Good product................

Stunning service

Thank you very much for reviewing both our service and the Elnur RXE as excellent, we appreciate the great comments.

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