Elnur Indirect Unvented Cylinder IND120 120L

Elnur Indirect Unvented Cylinder IND120 120L
Elnur Indirect Unvented Cylinder IND120 120L

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Product Discontinued

This item was discontinued on 25th July, 2018.

Discontinued Reason

Phased out by manufacturer

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Product overview

Weight 22.00 Kg

Unvented cylinders for use with a conventional boiler or electric power

The Gabarron indirect model is supplied with two immersions for off-peak and on-peak use for the IND250 & IND300 litre model (the IND90, IND120, IND150, IND180 and IND210 model only have an on-peak immersion). Therefore, the store of water in the cylinder can be heated utilising the off-peak electricity, making the unit extremely efficient.

These cylinders are ultimately lightweight, easy to install answer for electric hot water options. The immersion heater(s) must be connected to the supply through a double pole linked isolating switch with a minimum breaking capacity of 13A. All tappings are within a 90° segment to make installation easier.

All models have a temperature and pressure relief valve factory set at 6 bar and 92-95°C.

The indirect range has a high efficiency corrugated tube coil which is connected to a conventional boiler to heat the cylinder of water.

The coils corrugated design gives you much faster re-heat times than can be achieved with plain tube coils.

Technical specifications

Capacity120 L
Depth550 mm
Dimensions930 x 550 mm
Expanison Vessel Size12 Litres
Heating SourceIndirect
Height930 mm
Pressure Regulator3 Bar
Standing Losses1.06 kWhr/24hr
Warranty25 Years
Warranty (Immersion Heater & Fittings)2 Years
Weight (Empty)22 Kg
Weight (Full)142 Kg

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