FREE remote when you buy 3 Rointe Kyros electric radiators

February 1, 2017 Katie

The Rointe promotion is an excellent opportunity to grab yourself a FREE Rointe ACMI120 Remote control which is compatible with all Rointe Kyros electric heaters. All you need to do is enter the code 3REMOTE2DAY at the checkout when you buy 3 Rointe Kyros Radiators.*

Rointe ACMI120 infrared remote control

The Rointe ACMI120 infrared remote control system integrates in one device which can control all products that make up the Kyros series heating systems, and is interchangeable between the entire Kyros range. Its ergonomic design is perfectly suited to any user with it's easy-to-use keys.

Key features of the Rointe ACMI120 infrared remote control for Kyros series

  • Made of polycarbonate flame retardant of high resistance to impacts, with an elegant design of 21mm in depth for comfortable operation
  • Transparent wall bracket - a functional accessory that allows the remote control to always be in the same place - avoiding dropping, or losing it
  • Latest generation TFT display 1.77" screen and high contrast for optimal viewing from any angle of vision
  • Bi-directional wireless connection enables programming that once sent to the product, can be received and copied into another product
  • Composed of 20 keys divided into 3 zones, scheduling, power and auxiliary functions
  • Includes 2 pre-installed AAA alkaline batteries (1.5 V)
  • White high gloss finish in RAL 9010

The Kyros electric radiator series

The oil-filled Rointe Kyros series electric radiator combines maximum heat dissipation with low energy consumption (delivering up to 62% in power savings) via its patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology. Fuzzy Logic technology reduces the warm up curve, reducing consumption and therefore saving electricity costs bringing even greater temperature stability after the warm up period.

Key features of Kyros electric radiators

  • Low consumption – With Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, the average consumed power of the Kyros radiators can be as low as 38% of the nominal power
  • Compact product with the end panels – Elegant design with end panels gives the product a consolidated finish and consistent look
  • Design optimised for maximum heat dissipation – Maximum performance thanks to a re-design of the aluminium blade, fins and 98mm depth heat transfer element, with space for 50% more thermal fluid than other products on the market
  • Optimum compensation between w/element – The 110 watts per element of the Kyros radiator, gives the ideal balanced heat transmission rate to the room. Other radiators have 125 and even 160 watts per element, which reduces the thermal comfort in the room and reduces transmission performance
  • SMD electronics and advanced control technology – Surface mounted, multi-layer electronics with Rointe ULP8 ultra low power micro controllers, long-life lithium battery and Triac cut-out element
  • TFT Screen – Latest generation 1.77" TFT screen with high contrast for optimum viewing at any angle
  • Infrared communication – 24/7 programmable via the Air Control infrared remote control
  • Programmable by keyboard – Total control from the radiator itself via the integrated keyboard
  • Flexible programming - Including open window function and timer as standard
  • Quality guarantee – Total security with 20 years guarantee on aluminium elements and 2 years on electronic and electric components
  • Left hand side panel - Offering an elegant finished look
  • Clearer and improved screen compared to the K series - the perfect upgrade
  • Set of brackets included - This ensures easy installation

The combination of these high quality components has allowed Rointe to develop Kyros as their flagship product. The thoughtful design, digital technology and component quality of the Kyros radiators promote natural warm air convection as a means of space heating. This provides maximum thermal comfort with optimum relative humidity.

With over 200 fantastic Feefo reviews of the Rointe Kyros electric radiator from Heater Shop alone - The Rointe Kyros perpetually substantiates itself.

* The promotion is only valid when you buy 3 Rointe Kyros Radiators. Only 1 free remote per customer. Limited time offer.

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