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Harmoni Lugo FAQs

Where are the Harmoni Lugo electric radiators made?

These radiators are designed and built in Spain.

How do I choose which size I need?

Choosing the correct size radiator is crucial to the overall comfort and efficiency of your heating solution. Each of our radiator descriptions displays a measurement in m2 which represent the model’s recommended room floor area it can provide for.

To find out the size and wattage radiator you require, first measure the space you intend to warm. You can do this be multiplying the height in meters with the width. Once you have this number you can input it into our room calculator. The program will also ask you for some more information about your room including your location, orientation and insulation.

The room calculator will allocate you an appropriate minimal wattage which you can measure against the products in our collection. If you are having difficulty we have a technical team available to help you out on 01473 276686.

Do Harmoni Lugo radiators have timers?

The Harmoni Lugo features an intelligent 24/7 timer to ensure you have the perfect heating solution at any time. The timer can be altered manually or can run on pre-installed programmes. The Lugo offers digital control from the buttons attached alongside its front facing LCD screen which displays accurate temperature readings.

The Lugo can also be controlled via an infrared remote control. The remote control has access to the three pre-set installations and four completely customisable unique set-ups. The Harmoni Lugo offers total control no matter what time of the day, month or year.

Are Harmoni electric radiators oil filled, gel filled, or dry?

The Harmoni electric radiator is an oil-filled radiator. Oil-filled radiators react very quickly to temperature changes and can alter between settings with speed and precision. With the correct settings and technology, oil-filled radiators are the most energy efficient option for heating your property.

How high do Harmoni Lugo's have to be off the floor when installed?

The short answer – at least 100 mm. Whereas, 300mm is the maximum distance from the floor.

The Harmoni Lugo delivery includes an instructional guide and installation template. The guide advises of where in the room would be the best place to install the radiator to optimise performance. The marking stencil allows you to mark the correct points perfectly fit the radiator against the wall. The installation is very simple and designed to be user-friendly.

Do they come with brackets?

Yes, the installation pack comes with a fixing kit, this includes the brackets, plugs and screws. The application process is very simple however it is advised you have the product installed by an authorized professional installer.

How can I buy a Harmoni Lugo electric radiator?

You can purchase from our range or Harmoni radiators by clicking here

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