harmoni Electric Towel Rails

Stylish and efficient, harmoni towel rails are engineered to the highest standards.

A unique boost function enables it to operate at maximum power for two hours.

Available in 4 different sizes and two finishes: chrome & white.

Customer reviews


Peter Woods
12 December 2018 10:59

Harmoni Ebro HS075B 750W White Electric Towel Rail

As I have said in my customer experience, this is a well made product that is almost impossible to programme unless you have a university degree in technology or decoding!

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It's a shame we couldn't give you 5 stars because your service was excellent and the product appears to be of a high quality, the reason we only gave 3 stars is because the operating and programming of the heater is almost impossible to do.
The instruction manual that comes with the heater is complicated and difficult to follow.We have set the programmes for many different appliances in our life and this is the first one to have defeated us. Imagine at 70 years old, on your knees trying to see the tiny indicators on a screen only inches off the floor and having to read the manual and set the programme before the image on the screen re-sets itself after about 5 seconds, hardly 'user friendly'. If we had known how difficult this heater was to use, we would have sent it back but now we have to accept that we have a towel rail that is not hot when we want it to be and therefore not fit for purpose. We were told that you can purchase a remote to operate this heater, we think that a remote should have been included in the purchase as standard.


Nicholas Sandy
20 November 2018 10:12

Harmoni Ebro HS050B 500W White Electric Towel Rail

My towels are now warm and dry. My only criticism would be the programming instructions which are over complicated

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Phoned up one day..the radiator arrived bang on time the next! Can't ask for more than that!


Alan Holmes
28 September 2018 12:40

Harmoni Ebro HS030B 300W White Electric Towel Rail

I love the towel rail. It works well and was dead easy to install. I'd had a smaller one so already had fitting holes though my tiles, and didn't want to drill more holes if it could be avoided. No need to worry. The fittings on this rail are adjustable so didn't need to drill and more. The only drawback is that the timer module seems to have infinite variations and appears very complicated to set. Having said that, it does have an easy 'MANUAL' setting so you can adjust it as you wish. If you are out at work all day and have a set routine to your bathroom use, then study the manual and work out which variation of the settings is more use to you. My tip is to scan and copy the relevant page and blow it up about 400% to a more normal type face so it can be read without strain. I've found this really helps with complex instructions. Having said that, I'm in all day and want the heater ON. It's bloomin luverly in there now.

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Fastest service ever experienced from an online retailer. Seriously, I was astonished that my order arrived in less than 24 hours. It was in perfect condition too.


Christian Dvl
10 June 2018 09:38

Harmoni Ebro HS075B 750W White Electric Towel Rail

Easy to use and setup, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Quality of the product is fantastic.
Make sure to get the right size for your room, best to call heatershop and they’ll advice on which dimensions are best for your room.

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The products are very good, quality, function, they do no dissapoint. The service,help from the staff was fantastic. Everyone was very helpful and kind to help, giving me advice on which products to buy and what was better for my house.
You can’t find the same products for a lower price and if you do,call Heatershop and they’ll make sure to give you a better deal.
Overall I’m very happy and I would 100% buy again,deal/use HeaterShop in the future.

That is really brilliant to hear, thank you very much for the great comments on our advice and service. We look forward to hearing from you again.


David Thompson
27 March 2018 10:42

Harmoni Ebro HS050B 500W White Electric Towel Rail

Speedy delivery and well packed.
I haven't fitted it yet !

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Speedy delivery, well packed.
I haven't fitted it yet !

Brilliant, thank you for the fantastic 5 star review of our service. 

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