Haverland RCTTi Designer Electric Radiators

10 Year Warranty
Haverland RC8TTi
Haverland RC8TTi
Haverland RC10TTi
Haverland RC12TTi
Haverland RCTTi Designer Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTi Designer Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTi Designer Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTi Designer Electric Radiators
ModelHeats Up ToWattageDimensionsNo. of FinsPriceQty
Haverland RC8TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1000WRC8TTi
QF #: 9013
10 m²1000 W765 x 580 x 100 mm8
£273.90 exc VAT
Heats Up To10 m²
Wattage1000 W
Dimensions765 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins8
Haverland RC10TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1500WRC10TTi
QF #: 9014
15 m²1500 W924 x 580 x 100 mm10
£322.95 exc VAT
Heats Up To15 m²
Wattage1500 W
Dimensions924 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins10
Haverland RC12TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1800WRC12TTi
QF #: 9015
18 m²1800 W1083 x 580 x 100 mm12
£370.50 exc VAT
Heats Up To18 m²
Wattage1800 W
Dimensions1083 x 580 x 100 mm
No. of Fins12

All recommended "heats up to" are for example only and are based on current building regulations any deviation within in this build example may significantly affect this recommendation. We always recommend contacting us for a free heat loss calculation.

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Product overview

The Haverland RCTTi Inerzia electric heater is a slim, lightweight, high-density thermal medium, enabling you to heat up more space with less radiators. Dry stone technology radiators are significantly smaller than conventional radiators. They perform better, and are the undoubted leader in terms of style, and a more clean and modern appearance.

Why choose Haverland RCTTi designer electric radiators?

  • Latest energy efficient dry stone thermal technology
  • Fully controllable digital chrono thermostat
  • Slim line design (100 mm)
  • 7 pre-set lifestyle heating programs and 1 bespoke option
  • Intuitive keypad
  • Comfort, economy and anti-freeze temperature settings
  • Built in energy monitoring feature
  • Low surface temperature with safety thermal limiter (75 degrees to touch)
  • Easy plug-in and go installation
  • Wall mounted with brackets included
  • No maintenance required
  • Space saving sleek curve design
  • Aluminium block with innovative curved elements

Product downloads

Haverland Flyer

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Haverland RCTTi Flyer

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Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my Haverland Electric Radiators

The surface of the radiators should be cleaned using warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Abrasive, solvents and spray cleaners – such as those intended for cleaning tiles and ...

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What side is the flex/power lead on for Haverland electric radiators?

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Haverland RCA, RCB, RCTT, RCTTi & RCE ranges of electric wall mounted radiators and conservatory radiators.

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Customer reviews


Maria Kinsella
27 June 2018 07:33

Haverland RC10TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Stylish, smart looks like the picture.

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Haverland RC12TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1800W

Stylish, smart looks like the picture. Quite heavy.

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Excellent, I would like an option that the delivery person would carry the radiators up stairs as I live in a flat. I was aware that the delivery would only be to the ground floor on this occasion. The delivery was very good, I selected before 10am next day and the radiators arrived next day at 9 am. The radiators are very good, well packed and a competitive price. I rang with an enquiry before placing my order and the representative I spoke to was helpful and polite. I would use again.

Thank you for the really great review. We would really love to offer the service that you require, however the carrier services themselves do not offer it due to insurance, so at present we are unable to do so.
We will continue to pursue this as an option if any of our various carriers offer it in the future.


Ray Parsons
4 October 2017 07:45

Haverland RC12TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1800W

The heater is fantastic compared the the old storage heater, it gets the room to correct temp with in 15 minutes and keeps it at the desired setting

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The online order was easy , I was told the heater would be delivered on the Monday but never arrived so on the Wednesday I phoned the heater shop and was told the heater was out of stock but should be that day and as soon as it arrived they would dispatch it , it arrived on the Friday .

Thank you for taking the time to review us. 
Due to the item being out of stock we did call you and email you to offer an alternative and explain the options of either waiting or receive a replacement with next day delivery,  but we were unable to get a reply, so assumed that you were happy to wait for the original order.
I am very sorry for any confusion that this may have caused. 


Trusted Customer
5 June 2016 11:58

Haverland RC12TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1800W


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Good service

Thank you for your excellent rating, it is appreciated greatly.

Tracey Morgan
Customer Service Manager


Trusted Customer
13 December 2015 20:25

Haverland RC10TTi Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Am not sure yet, have had these a week and still not able to programme the unit.
Translation from Spanish to English is not good.

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I cannot fault the service this establishment gives.

Thank you for leaving feedback.
The instruction manual is in multiple languages including English, and is also available on our website for you to download.
If you have any queries regarding the radiator please phone our technical team on 01473 276686 and we will be happy to help you.

Hannah Boother
Customer Service Manager