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Haverland ULTRAD SmartBox Electric Radiator Wi-Fi Controller

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RangeHaverland ULTRAD
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The Haverland Smart Box allows you to control your Haverland electric radiators from anywhere in the world using an internet connection using a laptop, phone or tablet.

You can check the temperature at home, switch any radiator on or off, programmer your radiators or make changes to existing learned heating schedules. All you have to do is download the Haverland app on your phone, laptop or tablet .

How does it work?

The SmartBox plugs into your router and uses your existing internet connection to communicate with your phone, tablet or laptop. The SmartBox communicates with your radiators on a radio frequency, ensuring wide reaching coverage. A single SmartBox should be sufficient for all your radiators – even in the largest of houses. Any changes you make to your heating using the Haverland app will be communicated instantly through the SmartBox to your radiators – so you will feel the benefit of your changes immediately.

See the Haverland SmartBox manual for more information.

Technical Specifications
Brand Haverland
Products Stock Available Price
Special Offer
10 Year Warranty
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Haverland ULTRAD-5 750W Smart Electric Radiator 625mm 5 Elements
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10 Year Warranty
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£240.00 exc VAT

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Trusted Customer
06 March 2018 10:06
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
No issues with the rads I bought.
“Smooth and easy purchase”
Delivered as expected, no issues with the company or the products.
Thank you for reviewing us, we appreciate your comments.
Trusted Customer
03 October 2017 11:07
Heater Shop Review
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Great service, great product and price
Superb service, these guys are also experts.
Thank you very much for the really fantastic comments that you have left in your feedback, it is appreciated greatly.


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