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Ceiling Infrared Heaters


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You will find a wide selection of ceiling infrared panel heaters available to select from here at Heater Shop. This selection includes both mounted and hanging models of these heaters.

Infrared heaters installed in the ceiling are an excellent option for the heating of large rooms or spaces. As a consequence of this, they have been developed into three distinct types of products: infrared heaters that are mounted on the ceiling, infrared ceiling panels, and an infrared overhead heater that hangs from the ceiling. Which kind of product you use will be determined in large part by the nature of the workplace in which you operate. For instance, if you are in a large corporate office, you will probably choose ceiling panels because they are the most likely to fit in with the square ceiling panels that the majority of large offices already have. On the other hand, if you are in a large factory or warehouse, hanging models from the ceiling will serve their purpose more effectively.

Not only are infrared heat panels good for your health, but they can also help you cut down on the amount you spend on your monthly heating bills. In addition, in contrast to other types of radiators, they are exceptionally simple to set up. Put out of your mind all of the hassle that is brought on by the pipes and plumbing, the complicated and expensive wiring, the heavy lifting, and the difficult installation. These are as simple as they come.

ceiling infrared heaters

Infrared Ceiling Panel Heater

If you work in an office that has a Gypsum Ceiling or a suspended ceiling, then using an infrared ceiling panel heater may be the most effective method of heating available to you. They are designed to work specifically within suspended ceilings and can either provide complete heating or a supplement to the existing heating system in residential, commercial, and public buildings. Heat that is provided by infrared ceiling heaters is described as being clean, gentle, and comfortable. These heaters are ideal for providing targeted heating without heating up areas that are not in use. This method is superior to others in terms of energy savings because it warms only the people and objects in a room or building as opposed to the air itself. The 600mm x 600mm ceiling tiles can be heated by the 350 Watt heater. They are not designed to be ceiling mounted on a surface of any kind, as their sole purpose is to be installed in the spaces between ceiling grid tiles.

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heaters

In addition to being lightweight, svelte, and friendly to the environment, these can be put together quickly and easily. Ideal for use in rooms with high ceilings, such as workshops, as well as other places where a heat source must be positioned above people in order to be effective. If you mount your electric heaters on the ceiling, you'll be able to warm up a much larger space. Because of this, you will be able to make more efficient use of the space. The fact that they are suspended causes their heat to be directed toward the floor, which not only ensures that adequate heat is provided but also reduces the amount of heat that is lost.

infrared heating panels ceiling
infrared ceiling panel and infrared overhead heater

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