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Low Glare Infrared Heaters


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At Heater Show we have a large selection of warm glow & low glare infrared heaters for you to choose from.

Low-glare infrared heaters produce a type of infrared that is known as shortwave or near infrared. This type of infrared causes the element of your model to emit a glow that is distinctively orange. As soon as you turn it on, a gentle heat engulfs you and makes you feel instantly warmer. This continues for as long as it is on. As a result of this, they are ideally suited for use as patio heaters or outdoor infrared heaters in establishments such as bars and restaurants. We are confident that we have a model that will fulfil your requirements, and if you have any questions or need any assistance, all you have to do is get in touch with us and a member of our staff will be there to assist you.

low glare infrared heater

Our Range

Products that are suitable for use in a wide variety of settings, such as home-based businesses and public institutions, can be found among our available options. You have a selection of options available to you in terms of the forms, dimensions, colours, and styles. Not only that, but there are also options to choose between having the unit freestanding or mounted to the wall. Because there are so many options available, we thought it would be helpful to provide additional details about some of the products that stand out the most.

Best for Price

One of our favourite looking models as well as being one of the lowest priced, the Herschel Havana low glare infrared heater is packed full of features. Those who are looking for a patio or conservatory heater that is easy to use, has a low running cost, is highly portable, and is only occasionally used will find it to be an excellent option. Those who are in close proximity to it can feel the immediate, localised warmth it provides. The Havana is a freestanding heater that uses middlewave technology, is compact, emits a pleasant orange glow, and is designed to gently warm those who are sitting in close proximity to it. When the evenings become chillier, this blanket is perfect for placing underneath an outdoor table to protect the legs from the cold. It works best when used in conjunction with outdoor heaters that are mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling. It is also possible to use it as a temporary heater for sitting close to in a garden room or conservatory, as well as on camping or caravanning trips that have access to an electric supply. It makes use of Herschel's long life carbon fibre middlewave lamp, which is the most cutting-edge technology currently available for heating outdoor spaces. The Havana is simple to use; all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. It can also be moved to wherever you need that little bit of extra warmth. During operation, there is zero noise or smell produced by it at all. It is lightweight, has a handle for ease of movement, and has built-in tip over protection for added safety. This means that it will turn off if it is not upright. It has a one-of-a-kind protective finish that maintains a low surface temperature, which means that even if you brush up against the product by accident, you won't get burned.

low glare heater
low glare patio heater

Best for Style

Without question, the Herschel HAWAII Wave is a high-end, designer freestanding patio heater that will lend an air of sophistication and opulence to the space you use for gatherings and parties. This 2000W model emits an effective warming glow, making it suitable for use in both commercial and domestic settings for outdoor heating. As a result of the incorporation of Herschel's long life carbon fibre medium IR heating lamp, it generates a high comfort heat and deep orange, no-glare light, making it a very pleasant place to sit under. It has a chic circular design that is perfect for providing concentrated heat coverage, and it also has a chic curved pole that is 2 metres long. The height of the heater under the pole is approximately 1.6 metres, which is an acceptable height. Those who are seated directly atop the model can benefit from the targeted warmth it provides. In cooler months and climates, it performs better if it is protected from the elements in some way. It is simple to put together, and it comes with a 1.8-meter lead that is equipped with a plug that is standard in the UK. The cable is concealed within the pole and underneath the base. Because it is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the pole will not rust over time. It is also possible to bypass the remote control and control it directly through an alternative control system designed for use in commercial settings. This can be done by using the supplied remote control to turn it on or off. In addition to this, it can be utilised inside of establishments such as restaurants, gazebos, and garden rooms. Appropriate for use throughout the entire year. In the event that storage space is needed, it can be quickly and easily removed from its stand.

Why use Heater Shop?

We prioritise the needs of our patrons. Our main concern is to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met, and this priority is reflected in the items we procure, the services we provide, and the quality checks we carry out. This implies that we are making certain that we offer products that are suitable for all types of styles and budgets, that our products are delivered on time and in perfect shape, and that we are actively seeking reviews and feedback from our customers. We consider the evaluations and criticism that we get to be your voice, and we like listening to it. It reveals not just what we are doing correctly, but also what we are doing incorrectly, which enables us to continually assess and enhance the procedures we have in place.

We have a broad selection of products available for purchase. These can be found in a wide variety of configurations, including shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and colours. Every product comes with at least a one-year warranty, but the vast majority of them offer much longer guarantees—up to thirty years in some cases. We offer free next day delivery service to most of the UK, no matter how much or how little you spend, and we also offer a no quibble 14-day return policy. If you change your mind, simply return your product in its original condition and we will issue a refund. Moreover, we offer price match promise so we guarantee that if you do find one of our products cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price.

If you’d like to find out more about our products, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 276686 who will be on hand to help with your query.

Delivery Times

Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer free next day delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free, next day delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01473 276686.