Accessories available to assist and simplify your mirror demister pad installation.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I cut a mirror demister pad?

    The Demista heated mirror demister pad must not be cut or pierced in any way, as this will damage the insulation rendering it dangerous. Demista pads come in a variety of different sizes allowing y...

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    Do I need an electrician to install my mirror demister?

    Any electrical connections must be made by a qualified electrician to comply with current wiring regulations. Demista products should be connected to the lighting circuit so that it is activated...

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    Do you supply mirror demisters suitable for large mirrors?

    Not only do we offer a large range of different Demista sizes to suit your needs, but you can use multiple pads on any mirror too. (Please Note: Several Pads fitted to a single mirror should be ...

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    How do mirror Demista pads work?

    The Demista pad is a simple efficient, ultra slim heating pad which fits inconspicuously behind most bathroom mirrors - existing or newly installed. Once fitted, the mirror will never steam up in a...

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    Customer reviews


    Timothy Billings
    11 December 2018 08:44

    Demista Heated Mirror Demister Pad Door Loop

    Makes fitting a demister pad to a cupboard door easy.

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    The web site was easy to navigate, and the order arrived promptly.

    This is great, thank you for your super 5 star review.