The NEW Second Generation Rointe Kyros electric radiator!

December 4, 2017 Katie

The New Lot 20 approved Rointe Kyros includes advanced functionality accessible through the easy to use visual menu, with corresponding icons for each separate function.

The second generation Rointe Kyros Radiator is your best option, offering the same high quality of all Rointe products and the Low Consumption due to the Fuzzy Logic Energy Control Technology.

New navigation menus with advanced functions for improved heating control.

Settings Menu

  • Screen Brightness - Modify the brightness of the product screen
  • Language - Change the communication language
  • Clear memory - Clear all stored programming
  • Date and Time - Establish or change the day and time

Energy Menu

  • Effective Power Function - Shows the real power consumed by the product
  • Open Windows Function - Turns the Open Windows function on / off
  • Product Information - Shows the software version, launch date and nominal power of the product
  • Consumption Information - Shows the product state regarding power consumption

Programming Menu

  • Manual/Automatic - Allows selecting between Manual or Automatic modes
  • Pilot wire - Turn the pilot wire control mode on or off
  • Start programming - Allows programming and accessing the 4 presets
  • User Mode - Allows limiting the working temperature of the products

The new Rointe KYROS products includes new preset programming options which allow, with just the touch of a button, the quick selection of the program that best fits the particular needs of every user, depending on their lifestyles. With this, Rointe facilitates the programming of their products, alleviating any need for custom programming.

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