Reina Evie

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Reina Evie
Reina Evie
Reina Evie
ModelDimensionsBtu Δ70°cPriceQty
Reina Evie A-EVI144024A-EVI144024
QF #: 15916
240 x 1442 mm3996
£117.61 exc VAT
Dimensions240 x 1442 mm
Btu Δ70°c3996
Reina Evie A-EVI144032A-EVI144032
QF #: 15917
320 x 1442 mm5329
£152.07 exc VAT
Dimensions320 x 1442 mm
Btu Δ70°c5329
Reina Evie A-EVI144040A-EVI144040
QF #: 15918
400 x 1442 mm6661
£180.14 exc VAT
Dimensions400 x 1442 mm
Btu Δ70°c6661
Reina Evie A-EVI144048A-EVI144048
QF #: 15919
480 x 1442 mm7993
£212.68 exc VAT
Dimensions480 x 1442 mm
Btu Δ70°c7993
Reina Evie A-EVI184024A-EVI184024
QF #: 15920
240 x 1842 mm4884
£133.65 exc VAT
Dimensions240 x 1842 mm
Btu Δ70°c4884
Reina Evie A-EVI184032A-EVI184032
QF #: 15921
320 x 1842 mm6512
£172.00 exc VAT
Dimensions320 x 1842 mm
Btu Δ70°c6512
Reina Evie A-EVI184040A-EVI184040
QF #: 15922
240 x 1842 mm8140
£212.68 exc VAT
Dimensions240 x 1842 mm
Btu Δ70°c8140
Reina Evie A-EVI184048A-EVI184048
QF #: 15923
240 x 1842 x mm9768
£251.03 exc VAT
Dimensions240 x 1842 x mm
Btu Δ70°c9768
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Trusted Customer
26 October 2019 14:52

Reina Evie A-EVI184032

The radiator looks great and more importantly my wife likes it. It was a bit of a gamble but so pleased.

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I was very surprised in a good way when the Radiator arrived packed in a plywood case, the corner of which was damaged but the radiator was so well protected it was fine. The vertical radiator looks great . When I tried to track my package tracking it through the e-mail from The Heater Shop advising of despatch (which redirects to DPD'S web page) all i got was item has been shipped but no clue when to expect delivery . This was O.K. in my case (as I am retired) as we are getting a lot of work done in connection with our new kitchen. If i had been ordering when working i would have been a bit upset with absolutely no clue when to expect any item. It really is not good enough ,whether this is The Heater Shop's fault or DPD'S it really needs to change. Customers need to know at the very least the day thier purchase is going to be delivered not just despatched. Other courier services do this .

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