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Rointe D Series Graphite Electric Radiators

Model Heats Up ToWattageDimensionsNo. of Fins Price Qty
Rointe D Series DIB0330RAD Graphite 330W Electric Radiator 3 Elements
Quick Find: 8768
3 m²330 W350 x 585 x 97 mm3 £290.94
£242.45 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB0550RAD Graphite 550W Electric Radiator 5 Elements
Quick Find: 8769
5 m²550 W510 x 585 x 97 mm5 £368.94
£307.45 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB0770RAD Graphite 770W Electric Radiator 7 Elements
Quick Find: 8770
7 m²770 W675 x 585 x 97 mm7 £460.98
£384.15 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB0990RAD Graphite 990W Electric Radiator 9 Elements
Quick Find: 8771
9 m²990 W835 x 585 x 97 mm9 £526.50
£438.75 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB1210RAD Graphite 1210W Electric Radiator 11 Elements
Quick Find: 8772
12 m²1210 W992 x 585 x 97 mm11 £585.00
£487.50 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB1430RAD Graphite 1430W Electric Radiator 13 Elements
Quick Find: 8773
14 m²1430 W1160 x 585 x 97 mm13 £647.40
£539.50 exc VAT
Rointe D Series DIB1600RAD Graphite 1600W Electric Radiator 15 Elements
Quick Find: 8774
16 m²1600 W1320 x 585 x 97 mm15 £722.28
£601.90 exc VAT
Rointe Kyros ACMIB120 Remote Program Controller (Black)
Quick Find: 13183
54 x 177 x 21 mm £117.00
£97.50 exc VAT

* All recommended "heats up to" are for example only and are based on current building regulations any deviation within in this build example may significantly affect this recommendation. We always recommend contacting us for a free heat loss calculation.

Heater Shop

Enjoy a mild and pleasant heat with Rointe Delta D Ultimate Graphite oil filled electric radiators, the new range of next generation home domestic heating. A healthy heat, which keeps the humidity relative without drying out the environment using the natural convection of the specially designed fins.

With Rointe Delta D Series Ultimate graphite electric radiators you can enjoy the warmest winter in your home with all the advantages offered by a low energy system that you can control from anywhere at any time.

Why choose the Rointe Delta D Series Ultimate Graphite electric radiator?

  • New advanced Fuzzy Logic Energy Control – reducing consumption by a further 6% from the Optimizer Energy Plus
  • Improved performance and accuracy
  • New E-life technology with inside Wi-Fi and the Rointe Connect App
  • Consumption meter so you can check the true consumption of each radiator at any moment
  • Improved curved design with slim line aluminium side locks
  • Next generation TFT high contrast screen

The first WiFi inside radiator in the world with Wi-Fi module to control its functions from a smart phone or tablet without intermediate terminals or other external elements.

Product Downloads

We have collated the following user guides and marketing material for products within this section for you to browse. Click on a thumbnail to download a file.

Rointe Delta Range Brochure

File Size: 4.50 MB

Rointe Delta Range Flyer

File Size: 1.18 MB

Rointe Kyros Brochure

File Size: 3.86 MB


We take time and care to research relevant product information and report on current news for our product range that we believe you may find useful. Click on an article to read more.

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Which Electric Radiator should I choose? Gel filled? Oil filled? or Dry?


Choosing which electric radiator is right for your project can be a difficult enough decision - as there are often many things to consider. Oil/Gel filled radiators. Dry radiators. ...

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Its 5:35pm as you pull up to the driveway after a monotonous journey home- when you finally open the front door only to be greeted by... the dreaded hallway. The first thing you want when you si...

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Heatershop visit the Spanish Rointe Factory


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Rointe Kyros Electric Radiators


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Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions. Below is a list of those questions we are frequently asked. Click on a question to expand its answer.

Do I need a remote control for the Rointe Kyros?

Purchasing a Rointe Kyros ACMI120 remote control simply makes sense. The Bi-directional wireless connection enables programming, that once sent to the product, can be received and copied into anoth...

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Do Rointe electric radiators come with a remote?

The Rointe ‘K series’ and ‘Kyros series’ do not come with remotes but they can be purchased alongside the electric radiators from the accessories tab on the left hand bar. ...

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Do Rointe electric radiators have a 24-hour timer clock?

Yes, our Rointe radiators are fully programmable 7 days a week/ 24 hours from the radiator control panel. The Rointe Kyros ACMI120 Bi-directional wireless remote can be purchased to control the ...

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Do Rointe Electric Radiators include a set of brackets?

All Rointe Electric Radiators include a set of brackets to attach it securely to the wall, so there is no need to purchase this separately.

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Do Rointe radiators have child locks?

Rointe Kyros, K series and the Delta series electric radiators all have child locks on the settings panel to stop little hands from tinkering with your heating. Alongside manually using the contro...

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Do the Rointe electric radiators need maintenance?

The radiator does not require any type of maintenance. We recommend that all parts of the radiator are kept clean (behind, underneath, upper fins etc.). Do not use any abrasive product on the alumi...

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Do the Rointe Kyros Remotes work with the Rointe Delta Electric Heaters?

Yes, however the Rointe Delta is also WiFi compatible - meaning you can with easily connect your smart phone or tablet to the Delta radiators and towel rails to program via the free Rointe Connect ...

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Does the new Rointe Delta Ultimate have an app?

Yes, The new Rointe Delta Ultimate inside WiFi module is built into all of the new Delta Ultimate range, allowing control of all functions remotely with e-life technology through the Rointe Connect...

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How do I unlock my Rointe radiator?

You can lock the control panel from the radiator, the Rointe Connect App or the AIR Control remote (optional). Here we show how to do it from the control panel of the product itself. By pressing...

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How does the Rointe open window function work?

The Rointe open window function is invoked when the room temperature sensor detects a drop of 4ªC from the user-assigned temperature over a 30 minute period. Under these circumstances, the fun...

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How high do the Rointe radiators need to be off the floor, when installed on to a wall?

The Rointe Delta Ultimate and the Rointe Kyros electric radiators work by means of natural air convection. In order to achieve optimal functioning and an even distribution of heat, the lower part o...

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What side is the flex/power lead on for Rointe wall mounted electric radiators?

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Rointe K Series, Rointe Kyros and the newer Rointe Delta Ultimate (D Series) ranges of electric wall mounted radiators.

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Where can I download Rointe heater instructions?

Rointe radiators are designed for household or residential use. We advise to have the radiator installed by an competent person or electrician where necessary making sure the radiator is properl...

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Why is the Rointe conservatory electric heater the best heater for a conservatory?

The Rointe conservatory electric heater is the best heater for a conservatory as heating a conservatory in the winter can be an issue. Connecting a conservatory radiator to central heating is never...

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Will the Rointe MIC110 work with the Kyros range?

The Rointe MIC110 remote control allows you to send and receive programmes between all of the K and T series heaters. These ranges are gradually being discontinued and replaced by the Kyros range. ...

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