Rointe Kyros KWVAL1814 1/2″ Energy Saving Kit

Rointe Kyros KWVAL1814 1/2″ Energy Saving Kit
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Product Description

Manufacturer Rointe
Range Rointe Kyros
Barcode 8436045914361

Rointe Kyros energy saving kit: a mixing valve installed at the water heaters’ hot water outlet that mixes the hot water from the Rointe heater with cold water from the mains delivering thermally mixed water at your desired temperature to the point of use. This energy saving kit saves energy by minimising heat loss through the pipework due to transporting water at a lower temperature.

Another advantage of this kit is the increased volume of hot water available in respect to the installed heat capacity. This amount of water is defined as equivalent volume. This represents the available volume of water at 45ºC (in litres), assuming the cold water inlet temperature is 15ºC and the hot water from the heater is 73ºC.

Technical Specifications

CompatibilityKWI050DHW2, KWI075DHW2 and KWI100DHW2
Maximum supported weightn/a
Precision± 2°C
Regulatory field30-50°C
Warranty2 Years

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