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Home Categories Accessories Remote Controls Rointe Kyros ACMIB120 Remote Control (Black)

Rointe Kyros ACMIB120 Remote Control (Black)

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Part Number: ACMIB120
RRP: £180.00
£97.50 exc VAT
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RangeRointe Kyros
VariantBlack Soft Touch
WeightWeight 0.12 Kg

Rointe ACMIB120 Infrared Remote Control for KYROS Series (Green Display)

The Rointe ACMIB120 Infrared Remote Control system integrates in one device which can control all products that make up the KYROS Series heating systems. Its ergonomic design is perfectly suited to any user and has easy to use keys. The AIR Control is interchangeable between the K and Kyros range.

The AIR Control remote control comes with a transparent wall-mounted support cradle with a modern and elegant design, which looks good both in the home or workplace. This allows the remote control to be stored always in the same place, avoiding loss or accidental damage though dropping, spillage, etc. Program your Rointe radiators, towel rails and water heaters and replace the remote in its cradle, so it is always to hand, and ready for use.

The AIR Control infrared remote control stems from the need to integrate in one device control of all products that make up the KYROS Series heating systems as well as being interchangeable to use within the K series. Its ergonomic design is perfectly suited to any user and has easy to use keys.

Rointe Remote Control Key Features & Benefits

  • Made of polycarbonate flame retardant of high resistance to impacts, with an elegant design of 21 mm in depth for comfortable operation.
  • Transparent wall bracket - a functional accessory that allows the remote control to always be in the same place and avoiding dropping or losing it.
  • Latest generation TFT display 1.77" screen and high contrast for optimal viewing from any angle of vision.
  • Bi-directional wireless connection enables programming that, once sent to the product, can be received and copied into another product.
  • Composed of 20 keys divided into three zones, scheduling, power and auxiliary functions.
  • Includes 2 pre-installed AAA alkaline batteries (1.5 V).
  • Black soft touch finish
Technical Specifications
Brand Rointe
Colour Black
Depth 21 mm
Height 177 mm
Portable No
Reception Range 1 m
Sending Range 3 m
Width 54 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions. Below is a list of those questions we are frequently asked. Click on a question to expand its answer.

Do Rointe electric radiators come with a remote?

The Rointe ‘K series’ and ‘Kyros series’ do not come with remotes but they can be purchased alongside the electric radiators from the accessories tab on the left hand bar. ...

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What side is the flex/power lead on for Rointe wall mounted electric radiators?

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Rointe K Series, Rointe Kyros and the newer Rointe Delta Ultimate (D Series) ranges of electric wall mounted radiators.

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Do Rointe radiators have child locks?

Rointe Kyros, K series and the Delta series electric radiators all have child locks on the settings panel to stop little hands from tinkering with your heating. Alongside manually using the contro...

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Do the Rointe electric radiators need maintenance?

The radiator does not require any type of maintenance. We recommend that all parts of the radiator are kept clean (behind, underneath, upper fins etc.). Do not use any abrasive product on the alumi...

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Do I need a remote control for the Rointe Kyros?

Purchasing a Rointe Kyros ACMI120 remote control simply makes sense. The Bi-directional wireless connection enables programming, that once sent to the product, can be received and copied into anoth...

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Will the Rointe MIC110 work with the Kyros range?

The Rointe MIC110 remote control allows you to send and receive programmes between all of the K and T series heaters. These ranges are gradually being discontinued and replaced by the Kyros range. ...

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Do Rointe electric radiators have a 24-hour timer clock?

Yes, our Rointe radiators are fully programmable 7 days a week/ 24 hours from the radiator control panel. The Rointe Kyros ACMI120 Bi-directional wireless remote can be purchased to control the ...

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Why choose electric radiators?

Electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, so there are no associated safety risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. As there are no radiators to leak or burst...

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Does the new Rointe Delta Ultimate have an app?

Yes, The new Rointe Delta Ultimate inside WiFi module is built into all of the new Delta Ultimate range, allowing control of all functions remotely with e-life technology through the Rointe Connect...

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How high do the Rointe radiators need to be off the floor, when installed on to a wall?

The Rointe Delta Ultimate and the Rointe Kyros electric radiators work by means of natural air convection. In order to achieve optimal functioning and an even distribution of heat, the lower part o...

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Whats the difference between Oil filled radiators, Gel filled radiators, and Dry heaters?

Quite simply - oil filled, gel filled and dry electric radiators are all electrically efficient, but may be more appropriate for your installation depending on your specific requirements and the si...

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Where can I download Rointe heater instructions?

Rointe radiators are designed for household or residential use. We advise to have the radiator installed by an competent person or electrician where necessary making sure the radiator is properl...

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What is an IP rating?

IP rating - Ingress Protection rating is the international standard used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies including dirt and ...

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Why is the Rointe conservatory electric heater the best heater for a conservatory?

The Rointe conservatory electric heater is the best heater for a conservatory as heating a conservatory in the winter can be an issue. Connecting a conservatory radiator to central heating is never...

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How does the Rointe open window function work?

The Rointe open window function is invoked when the room temperature sensor detects a drop of 4ªC from the user-assigned temperature over a 30 minute period. Under these circumstances, the fun...

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How do I unlock my Rointe radiator?

You can lock the control panel from the radiator, the Rointe Connect App or the AIR Control remote (optional). Here we show how to do it from the control panel of the product itself. By pressing...

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Can I connect my Delta Ultimate products to the internet by sharing the 3G/4G connection of my mobile?

Yes but we don’t recommend this because the Delta Ultimate product will lose the connection when the mobile stops sharing or is out of range.

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My Rointe Delta shows 3 bars of coverage but doesn’t respond to the app. What is happening?

There are always 3 bars. If there are gaps it is because there is no WiFi connection. If the aerial signal (situated on the left next to the coverage bars) doesn’t appear it means that the ...

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I have connected various Delta Ultimate products but they don’t all work at the same time. If I switch the router off then back on they work randomly

The most probable cause is that the router can’t cope with so many WIFI products connected at the same time. Check the router and if it is limited to less products than are connected then you...

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I am trying to install the application but it tells me that I don’t have enough space.

You will have to free up some space in your mobile by un-installing an application which you don’t use or cleaaring the caches in applications such as Google Maps or Facebook.

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Can I pair my Delta Ultimate product in more than one zone or installation?

No, the Delta Ultimate product can only be controlled in the last zone where it was paired. If a Delta Ultimate product which is already included in an installation were to be paired in another, it...

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Sometimes the text “Checking Firmware Updates” appears on the screen of my Delta Ultimate product and it switches itself off and on. What does this mean?

This is a normal function and signifies that your Delta Ultimate product is checking for updates. If there are, it will restart to apply these updates.

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I have created a zone but can’t access the advanced options

You can only change the advanced options when there are Delta Ultimate products associated to the zone.

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Is there a limit to the number of zones in an installation or of Delta Ultimate products within a zone?

No, there aren’t limits for number of zones nor products within a zone.

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I have activated the “Pairing” mode in my Delta Ultimate product by mistake. How do I get out of this mode?

Press and hold down the menu button (icon with 3 lines) for 3 seconds and the Delta Ultimate product will beep, then restart - keeping the original configuration.

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I have paired my Delta Ultimate product in a zone and now I want to change it to another. What do I do?

You should unpair the Delta Ultimate product from this zone and pair it in the chosen zone.

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A Delta Ultimate product is showing as an unknown product. What has happened?

When a Delta Ultimate product which was already paired in a zone is now paired in a new zone or installation it remains in the new one and appears as unknown in the original zone. You should unpair...

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Do my Delta Ultimate products lose their configuration if there is a power cut?

No, the Delta Ultimate product retains its configuration and will revert to how it was before the power cut.

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“Firmware First Boot” and some numbers appear on the radiator screen. What does this mean?

This means that the Rointe Delta Ultimate product is updating itself. You do not need to do anything except wait until it has finished at which time it will restart itself and return to its previou...

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Some of the screens of my Delta Ultimate products switch off and others don’t when I activate the programming. Why is this?

This is due to different brightness configurations. The Delta Ultimate products whose screens go off when the programming is activated have their brightness set at minimum which leaves the screen s...

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If I manually configure the temperature of a zone and activate the programming the Delta Ultimate products change their temperature to that which is programmed but the application continues showing as if they had the manual temperature. Why is that?

This is a normal function. If you deactivate the programming by pressing the button, the Delta Ultimate products revert to manual operation with the options which appear on the screen. If you selec...

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Can I have the screen of my Delta Ultimate product permanently switched off?

Yes, by changing the level of brightness to minimum. However when you touch a button on the Delta product - the screen will illuminate for a few seconds before switching itself off again.

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A “P” appears on the screen of my Delta product and I can’t control it either manually or from the application?

The “Pilot Wire” option has been activated in the advanced options of your Delta product. To disconnect it, you should de-activate it from the advanced options screen of the final zone ...

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What size fuse should be used in my appliances plug?

There is a formula for working out the fuse rating for each appliance. P (Power in Watts) / V (Voltage) = I (current in Amps) Note that you should always ensure that you round it up if it is ...

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To help you find the best heater for your room, we have created an easy-to-use Room Calculator. Before you begin, you will need 3 measurements: The width (in metres) of the room Leng...

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Do Rointe Electric Radiators include a set of brackets?

All Rointe Electric Radiators include a set of brackets to attach it securely to the wall, so there is no need to purchase this separately.

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What are British Thermal Units (BTU)?

British Thermal Units (BTU) is a unit for the measurement of the heat output of a heater or radiator. When converting from BTU to Watts (W) - simply divide by 3.412 When converting from Watts t...

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What is Fuzzy Logic?

Fuzzy logic is a mathematical technique for generating a spectrum of values between discrete binary values (0-1, TRUE-FALSE, ON-OFF). These numbers are said to be "fuzzy" in the sense the...

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Do the Rointe Kyros Remotes work with the Rointe Delta Electric Heaters?

Yes, however the Rointe Delta is also WiFi compatible - meaning you can with easily connect your smart phone or tablet to the Delta radiators and towel rails to program via the free Rointe Connect ...

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Which size radiator do I choose?

We have made deciding which size radiator you need simple. Our electric heater room size calculator will provide you with an estimate of the minimum size and quantity of radiators, panel heaters...

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