Creda TSRE Storage Heaters

Lot 20
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
Creda TSRE Storage Heaters
ModelRooms Up ToInputOutputDimensionsPriceQty
Creda TSRE050 500W Storage HeaterTSRE050
QF #: 14457
5 m²
1020 W
500 W
581 x 749 x 185 mm
£320.10 exc VAT
Rooms Up To5 m²
Input1020 W
Output500 W
Dimensions581 x 749 x 185 mm
Creda TSRE070 700W Storage HeaterTSRE070
QF #: 14458
7 m²
1560 W
700 W
703 x 749 x 185 mm
£342.05 exc VAT
Rooms Up To7 m²
Input1560 W
Output700 W
Dimensions703 x 749 x 185 mm
Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage HeaterTSRE100
QF #: 14459
10 m²
2200 W
1000 W
825 x 749 x 185 mm
£381.01 exc VAT
Rooms Up To10 m²
Input2200 W
Output1000 W
Dimensions825 x 749 x 185 mm
Creda TSRE125 1250W Storage HeaterTSRE125
QF #: 14460
13 m²
2760 W
1250 W
947 x 749 x 185 mm
£424.34 exc VAT
Rooms Up To13 m²
Input2760 W
Output1250 W
Dimensions947 x 749 x 185 mm
Creda TSRE150 1500W Storage HeaterTSRE150
QF #: 14461
15 m²
3300 W
1500 W
1069 x 749 x 185 mm
£471.01 exc VAT
Rooms Up To15 m²
Input3300 W
Output1500 W
Dimensions1069 x 749 x 185 mm
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Key Features of the Creda Storage Heaters

Two-year warrantyGraphical display
Programmable room temperatures with seven-day timerOpen window detection
Overheat protectionLot 20 compliant
IPX4 ratedFan assisted
Traffic White finishDigitised with audio feedback


Creda TSRE Storage Heater

The slimline compact design offers a modern aesthetic suitable for around the house or in the work environment. The inbuilt backlit screen displays temperature readings and current settings, allowing easy access to the customisable functions.

The heater holds an IPX4 rating which registers its splash-proof quality, and it is Lot 20 compliant. The grille location on top of the heater and at the bottom helps improve warm air circulation for even heat distribution.

Easy to install, the Creda storage heater can be fitted without the need for a certified installer. All the components are provided for, including fixings and a fitting template for correct positioning.


Open window detection helps reduce energy wastage by monitoring and learning the needs of the room. It will pause output when it detects significant sharp changes in temperature, stopping the programme and waiting until the ambient temperature stabilises before reactivating. This energy saving technology improves the efficiency of the heater and its economic performance throughout the day.

Automatic charge control enables it to intake energy at night when tariffs are cheaper, and it stores the energy to be used when needed. Superior to traditional models, the Creda will only intake the exact amount of energy it regularly uses, resultantly limiting energy wastage.

The Creda utilises an onboard fan which helps improve heat dispersion and warm the room effectively. The resulting effect is maximised due to the fan’s grille being placed at the bottom of the heater, convecting heat from the floor upwards. Overall the Creda is an excellent replacement for older models with the latest energy efficient technology and dynamic temperature awareness.


Featuring 7-day timers, it is fully programmable, therefore able to cope with any workday schedule. The settings can be fully customised to activate at any part of the day, with the boost mode activating if extra heat is required. Boost mode provides instant powerful heat for those emergency moments; it uses the mains energy directly similar to a portable heater.

The electronic thermostat, accurate to a fifth of a degree, can be digital controlled through the digitised control panel. The fan assistance allows the heater to quickly react to temperature changes and heat up swiftly. However, the overheat detection sensors can employ a safety cut-out to protect the components from harm.

Bluetooth is enabled for software updates. The Creda’s two-year warranty ensures longevity and a constant high standard. Child lock functions are excellent for landlords and childcare settings. Out All Day mode and Holiday mode are ideal for periods where heating is not needed, ultimately saving energy and long-term costs.


ModelRating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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Product reviews

4.795% Positive (20 reviews)

Ratings based on data collected by third party reviewing platform.


Clive Jones, Cardiff
17 March 2020 09:40

Creda TSRE150 1500W Storage Heater

Great overall price and great service and delivery

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My first contact with heater shop was to ask them to answer my queries regarding the Creda heater I wished to purchase. Although no one was available when I called they answered my queries by e-mail first thing the next morning. This resulted in my order which was delivered the next day. In short they met my every requirement and at a great overall price. They were ideal.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such great feedback.


Peter Blakemore
17 March 2020 06:34

Creda TSRE150 1500W Storage Heater


View product


Thank you very much for the five star review.


Trusted Customer
15 March 2020 09:22

Creda TSRE050 500W Storage Heater

Excellent product but it wasn't clear before purchasing that it needed a dual supply .

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Fast delivery and they phoned ahead the day before to confirm place and time. Excellent

Thank you very much for your great comments.


Trusted Customer
9 March 2020 06:37

Creda TSRE070 700W Storage Heater

Couldn’t fault the service . Driver even waited for me as I was 5-10 minutes away .

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Excellent service . Driver even waited for me as I was 5-10 minutes away . Would definitely use again

Thank you very much for the really fantastic review of our service, I will absolutely pass on the positive feedback to our carriers.


Trusted Customer
16 February 2020 23:03

Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage Heater

All good.

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Very efficient throughout and excellent communication. Ordered Sunday evening, delivered followingTuesday.


Trusted Customer
1 February 2020 08:18

Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage Heater

Looked around and got the right product for the best price

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Great service, fast delivery and best price


Martin Philips
21 January 2020 12:11

Creda TSRE150 1500W Storage Heater

See above! See above again!

View product

Excellent product, reasonably priced, and delivered on time.

Thank you very much for your really great review.


Ian Ashe
19 December 2019 15:22

Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage Heater

Didn't realise it needed two input cables and that it relied on a fan throughout the day- extra expense without economy 7!

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Good price, painless transaction.

Thank you very much for the great review.


Trusted Customer
8 December 2019 16:53

Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage Heater

look great

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Very Un -Helpful to be honest. issue with delivery location , told it would be delivered via artic as being delivered on pallet, had to changed delivery address( 6 miles away ) to accommodate. ( told addition £120+ for small van ). Quest what? it turn up in a small van any way, even though I was told it could not be done ,so I had cost to get them moved. not happy , n response to complaint.


James Moran
30 November 2019 14:09

Creda TSRE070 700W Storage Heater

I don't think the new generation of storage heaters are as good as the old type,
e.g I did not want to have two electrical imputs ,as I have had storage heaters for years and the always worked so well,switch on and forget,but as the don't make them like that any more I have to accept change

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service very good,item deliverd as promised on the day

Thank you very much for your review.